My Philosophy on Camera Gear

My thoughts on camera gear are to keep it light and simple. So if you’re looking for a gear-head with a long scrolling list of gear to browse through you’ve come to the wrong place. I want to do the most possible with the least amount to carry around.

Camera Bodies

Sony Alpha A7R ii – The A7R ii is my main camera body. It’s a 42-megapixel beast, and it’s the camera I turn to when I’m going on a serious landscape, portrait or outdoor shoot.
B&H Photo

Sony Alpha a6300 – The a6300 my backup camera body, as well as my general carry around camera. I mostly use the 16-50mm kit lens that it comes with.
B&H Photo


Sony 16-35mm f/4 – The 16-35mm is my primary wide angle lens for landscape photos.
B&H Photo

Sony 24-70mm f/4 – The 24-70mm is my most used lens for landscapes. It let’s me get wide, but a decent zoom at the same time.
B&H Photo

Sony 70-200mm f/4 – This lens is my go-to lens for portraits. Believe it or not though, I use this a lot for landscapes too.
B&H Photo

Sony 90mm Macro – I don’t do a lot of close-up work but when I do I need a Macro lens so I invested in this one. Honestly, it rarely comes out, but when I need it, it’s worth it.

Sony 16-70mm f/4 – This is my walk around and most used lens when I take my Sony a6300 with me.

Tripod and Ballhead System

Tripod – Really Right Stuff TVC-33 (click here to view)
Ballhead – Really Right Stuff BH-40 (click here to view)
L-Plate Camera Bracket – I use the Really Right Stuff BA7R2. (click here to view)


Neutral Density Filters – I use the Vu 75mm filter system made for mirrorless. (click here to view)
Polarizing Filters – I use the Polarizer that comes with the Vu system above. (click here to view)

Other Accessories

Memory Cards – Sony SD Cards – 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB cards (click here to view).
Cleaning – Hoodman Lens Cleanse Wipes (click here to view).
Wireless Remote – Foto&Tech IR Remote (click here to view).

Software, Drives and Computer

Primary Software – Adobe CC Photography Plan (click here).

Laptop – Macbook Pro 15″ Laptop (click here to view).

Plug-Ins – ON1 Photo Raw (click here to view).
Tablet – Wacom Intuos Pro Small (click here to view).
External Drive – G-Technology Drives (click here to view).

Traveling With My Photography Gear

As I mentioned above, I like to keep things light and simple. If it doesn’t fit in the bag below (and it’s a small bag), it doesn’t come with me. However, if I’m traveling on a plane, I usually pack my tripod, ballhead, and chargers in my packed luggage. Mainly so I don’t have to go lugging them around in the airport.