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Hi. If you’re emailing regarding the No Light? No Problem course(s) please read this first. If it’s not related to those courses please scroll past this paragraph. 

No Light No Problem Volume 3 is NOT AN UPDATE. It is a new course released April 7, 2022. It is NOT an update to a previous volume. 

If you previously purchased Volume 1 and/or 2, those courses have totally been redone using the latest Lightroom Classic and Photoshop as of April 2022. 


Step 1: Just log in to your account and go to your Dashboard.

Step 2: Under Downloads, the old Course Download has already been replaced with the new one. Just download and you’re good to go. You DO NOT need to email us to get the update.

Step 3: If you watch/stream online, go to your Online Courses and the No Light course videos have already been replaced. No action is required on your part.

Step 4: Feel free to delete old course downloads as you won’t need them.

ONCE AGAIN… As long as you can log in to your account You DO NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING TO GET THE UPDATE. It is already there and requires absolutely nothing on your part other than to download the new version and delete the old version if you’d like. 

If this didn’t answer your question then please CLICK HERE to contact support. 

Thanks! 🙂




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