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Hey everyone! As you may have seen from time to time, I believe it can be more useful for me to edit your photos when doing tutorials.

What happens each week is that I spend my time looking through my photos for ideas for my free weekly videos. The problem is that my photography and my style don’t change much. So you end up seeing very similar photos.

So that’s why I’m reaching out to you. In addition to doing tips and new feature videos when it’s applicable, I’d also like to do more photo makeovers for my free weekly videos (not courses).

A photo makeover is when I start with a raw photo and edit it from start to finish, with whatever tools I feel it needs.

Here’s where I need your help

I’d like you to upload 1 to 5 Raw images of photos that you LOVE – but you could use some help editing them. This is not a “save my ugly photo” exercise. You have to LOVE the photo or no one else will. But maybe it just doesn’t resonate with you anymore or you’re not sure how to edit it. 

How to Upload

STEP 1: I need 3-5 raw photos that are UNEDITED. They can also be DNG photos too. They can be of any genre you’d like and a mixture if you’d like. Please note that I will not edit all photos. If I end up using your photo, I’ll definitely let you know when the time comes. 


STEP 2: Name the images “FirstName_LastName_1.???” (or 2, 3, 4, 5 depending on how many you submit. I know this should go without saying but I have to say it… please don’t add “.???” on the end of your image 🙂 That would simply be your own raw file extension (ARW, CRW, NEF, DNG etc…). 

STEP 3: Please create a text document in a text editor, Word, or whatever. Name it with your name as well “FirstName_LastName.???”
I just need you to upload something with your email address in it in case I need to get in touch with you. 

STEP 4: Click the button below to submit the images. Again, any edited images will automatically be deleted. This is free and will not require you to sign up or pay for anything. 


I really think this can be a great learning experience throughout the year with a variety of photos, so thank you ahead of time for participating. 

Thanks so much. I’m looking forward to seeing what you upload!

PS: If you landed on this page, please DO NOT fill out the form at the bottom of the page. That is to sign up for my email list and you have already done that if you’ve made it on this page. Thanks!


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