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The Photographers Logo and Watermark Toolkit is the best way to learn how to create your own beautiful (and unique) logo, watermark or nameplate in Photoshop.
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“Making your own logo gives you the ability to be unique and change it whenever you’d like”

In this day and age we share our photos digitally most of the time, so it’s nice to have a simple logo, watermark or nameplate on your photo that calls it your own.

So many times we see a beautiful photo with a yucky looking copyright symbol and a name written in Times New Roman (or worse… Comic Sans) next to it.

Or you may come across someone that used an online service to design a logo, but then you find they all look the same.

So why not make your own?

With this toolkit, you’ll get over 90 minutes of video that covers how to pick the right font, several places to get free fonts, as well as detailed instructions on the most important part… CUSTOMIZING your logo/watermark so it has some of your personal touches on it.

Why make your own?

What Others Are Saying…

This is fantastically helpful and informative. Thank you very much for all your efforts and inventiveness.

ThanksMatt – great as always. I had used the pen tool and created a logo but unless you have outstanding handwriting your method is a whole lot easier.

Very cool and different tutorial. I am the kind of person that gets bored with my logo/watermark and it will be nice to not have to pay someone to design one for me.

Thank you! Just like your other courses, this is super simple and easy to comprehend! And it looks GREAT! Appreciate it!

Want a Sneak Peak? Here’s a free video to get you started

The basics of how to make your own logo and watermark in Photoshop.

5 Benefits of making your own logo / watermark

1. You can start right now!

2. It’ll be unique to you and your style

3. You can change it any time

4. It’s more professional looking that just a © symbol

5. It’s actually kinda fun to do 🙂

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What you get?

Video Outline

LESSON 1: Using Adobe Creative Cloud Fonts
LESSON 2: Installing Other Fonts and Free Resources
LESSON 3: Basic Type Tool Things You’ll Need to Know
LESSON 4: Signatures – Creating from your own
LESSON 5: Signatures – Using script fonts
LESSON 6: Signatures – Customizing the script to make it your own
LESSON 7: Signatures – Warping and customizing letters
LESSON 8: Signatures – Adding a tagline
LESSON 9: Text Logo – Using various fonts
LESSON 10: Text Logo – Adding a box around
LESSON 11: Saving Your Logo Signature
LESSON 12: Adding Your Logo/Signature to a photo in Photoshop
LESSON 13: Using a Drop Shadow to help readability
LESSON 14: Identity Plates and Printing Logos in Lightroom
LESSON 15: Watermarking in Lightroom
BONUS 1: 20 High Quality and Custom Made Templates to Give you a head start
BONUS 2: 20 Fonts included that I recommend for logos and watermarks


Frequently asked questions

I recommend Photoshop CC because it has access to Adobe Fonts and more font choices than you could ever need. However, there are also plenty of free fonts available on the internet (and I show you exactly which ones and where to get them) so Photoshop CS6 will also work just fine.
No. You only need Lightroom if you wish to use it to apply the logo / watermark to your prints or export a logo on top of your JPGs. But you will not create the logo in Lightroom so you don’t need it to use this course. However, instructions on using it as a watermark in LR are included.
I would not suggest this course for anything else but Photoshop. ON1 does support type layers, but most of the video content covers modifying the logo/watermark to make it unique and ON1 doesn’t support those features.
Yes. I have one lesson on this in the course. However, the majority of the videos cover making your own logo / watermark instead.

What are you waiting for?

Start making your own logo today!


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