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The most complete printing course on the planet. Over 4 hours of basic and advanced printing tutorials to help you get the best prints possible. 


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Prints Too Dark? 

One of the most common things I hear is that someone’s print came out too dark compared to their computer screen. In the course you’ll learn why this happens, what to do when it does happen, as well as how to help avoid it in the first place.

Plus, we’ll also talk about the real reason that prints are too dark that nobody really discusses.



Tons of Advanced Content

If you’ve ever been unhappy with the way your prints turn out, I’ve included a ton of advanced content for you to dig in to. You’ll learn how I deal with things like:

  • The software I use for printing (it’s not Photoshop or Lightroom)
  • Brightening for Print
  • Color Spaces
  • Which paper is right for you?
  • Why your prints are really dark?
  • ICC Profiles
  • How important is print sharpening?
  • Noise Reduction for print

My Secret “Print Software” Weapon

Well, it’s not a huge “secret” because the software I’m going to suggest is available for free with most of your printers. But I’ll discuss why I prefer NOT (yes, I said “not”)… to use Photoshop and Lightroom for printing and I’ll walk you through the software that I (and many of the printing pros out there) prefer to use. 

Oh… and I still do cover how to print from Lightroom and Photoshop for those of you that prefer going that route. It’s good to have options, and after watching these videos you will. 



What’s Included… 

Course Videos

Over 4 hours of training on preparing your photo for print and helping you get the results you want from your printer.

The Perfect Print Course Only



The Perfect Print

(Course Only)


  • 4.5 Hours of Video
  • Download to your computer – AND / OR –
  • Watch and stream online

* Online streaming to your laptop or tablet requires an internet connection.

The Perfect Print +

Print Layout Kit



The Perfect Print + Print Layout Kit

Includes Course + Print Layout Kit (see below for more detail)


  • 4.5 Hours of Video
  • Download to your computer – AND / OR –
  • Watch and stream online

PLUS THE PRINT LAYOUT KIT (Click to Find Out More)

  • Photoshop Templates
  • Custom Print Frames for brushed or designer print edges
  • Picture Frame Graphics to mock up how a print will look in your room
  • Regular Price: $39.99

* Online streaming to your laptop or tablet requires an internet connection.

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(Perfect Print Course + Print Frame Layout Kit)

Go beyond just printing with the Edges, Frames and Layout Kit. This kit includes:

  • 15 Custom Frames and Edges (High quality and printable with no loss of quality)
  • Black Frame Wall Visualizer (visualize your framed print on YOUR wall to see if it works)
  • Video tutorial walkthroughs on how to use each part of the kit


Course Contents 

Lesson 01: Basics – Intro and Need for the Print

Lesson 02: Basics – Print Yourself or With Lab?

Lesson 03: Basics – Which Printer?

Lesson 04: Basics – Installing Drivers and Software

Lesson 05: Basics – Making a Simple Print

Lesson 06: Advanced – Screen Calibration

Lesson 07: Advanced – Side by Side Comparison Trap!

Lesson 08: Advanced – Which Color Space?

Lesson 09: Advanced – Cropping

Lesson 10: Advanced – Resolution and Upsizing for Print

Lesson 11: Advanced – Print Sharpening

Lesson 12: Advanced – Noise Reduction

Lesson 13: Advanced – Brightening for Prints


Lesson 14: Advanced – Real Reason for Dark Prints

Lesson 15: Advanced – ICC Paper Profiles

Lesson 16: Advanced – Soft Proofing

Lesson 17: Advanced – Adding Color Saturation

Lesson 18: Advanced – Rendering Intent

Lesson 19: Advanced – Papers and Surfaces

Lesson 20: Advanced – Printing with Epson Print Layout

Lesson 21: Advanced – Printing with Canon Print Studio

Lesson 22: Advanced – Printing from Lightroom

Lesson 23: Advanced – Printing from Photoshop

Lesson 24: Advanced – Black and White Printing

Lesson 25: Advanced – Printing with Lab

Lesson 26: Troubleshooting Tips



Frequently Asked Questions

What Software Do I Need?

Printing can be done with just about any software. In this course I have concentrated on mostly Lightroom and/or Photoshop for editing and preparing the print. However, when I actually print I use (and recommend) software from Epson and Canon. There are lessons on how to use them as well. But I also teach how to print directly from Lightroom and Photoshop too.

Will printing with a lab be covered?

I have one video on printing with a lab, that shows options to save your photo for a lab. I will not cover lab printing in any more detail because it’s simply impossible for anyone to tell you exactly what the lab wants (except the lab themselves). All of their custom ICC profiles are different, many use different equipment, and there just isn’t a way for me to effectively tell you more than the lab can tell you.

I can help you out the best by saying this… if you’re printing with a lab and you don’t understand something about how to upload a photo to them – contact their support. If you get a photo back from a lab and it’s not what you expected – contact their support. If you’re unable to find out what you need from them, or their website isn’t clear – then this isn’t a lab you should be using.

All of that said, everything I discuss in this course about preparing a photo for print, will also apply to preparing a photo for a lab print.

Do I Need A Specific Printer?

No. I had to pick a printer to work with during this course, as there are simply too many to create a seperate course for. So I picked Epson because that’s what I use. But, the concepts covered in this course are about preparing your photos for print as well as overall printer settings, paper, calibration, etc… that don’t rely on a specific printer. Also, when it comes to the point at which we print, I also show settings using Canon’s software. 

What Skill Level is This Course?

This course is broken down in to two sections (Beginner / Advanced). It is meant for some one new to printing that needs to get to an intermediate level. The Advanced section will take some one with an intermediate level understanding and get you to Advanced.

This course IS NOT MEANT FOR AN EXPERT. To get to expert level in anything is more about practice and developing your own personal taste (after a ton of practice). If you want to learn about printing for galleries, look at or talk about color charts, creating your own ICC profiles, and anything not covered in the course outline, this course IS NOT FOR YOU.

Will this course teach me how to prepare for a gallery showing?

No. This course is for people who want to print from home for their own use or to share with others. 

Can I Watch On My Tablet?

Of course! This has a streaming option that will let you watch on tablets (internet required). It is also downloadable. You get both, so no need to decide. You can download it to a computer and then transfer to a tablet as well, to watch without an internet connection.

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