Presets Galore Bundle

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Get four fantastic bundles for endless looks with the Presets Galore bundle.

The Landscape Preset Bundle

The Brush and Gradient System Bundle

The Photography Preset System Bundle

The Profile/LUTs Bundle

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The Brush and Gradient System Bundle Includes:

  • Landscape Brush and Gradient Pack
  • Portrait Retouching Brush and Gradient Pack
  • Dodge, Burn and Lights Brush and Gradient Pack

Note: These presets work with the newest versions of Lightroom Classic and Photoshop only. They  do not work in Lightroom 6, 5 or 4 or the “cloud” version of Lightroom

The Preset System Bundle Includes:

  • Sports Preset Pack – contains 15 Sports focused presets (normally $15.99)
  • Landscape Preset Pack – contains 20 Landscaped based presets (normally $15.99)
  • Portrait Preset Pack – contains 13 Portrait focused presets (normally $15.99)
  • Night / Astro Preset Pack – contains 7 Night photography styled presets (normally $15.99)
  • City / Street Photography Preset Pack – contains 8 Street photography styled presets (normally $15.99)
  • Light and Clean Preset Pack – contains 11 Clean and Airy styled presets (normally $15.99)
  • Ocean and Water Preset Pack – contains 10 presets styled for Ocean and Water photography (normally $15.99)
  • 13 installation and training videos to help you use and manage your presets to get the most out of them!

Note: These presets work with the newest versions of Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC and Photoshop only. They do not work in Lightroom 6, 5 or 4. 

The LUT / Profile Bundle includes the following 4 Preset Profile/LUT Packs for ON1, Luminar, Photoshop, Lightroom and Affinity Photo:

The bundle includes:

  • The Landscape Pack (Sold separately here for $19.99)
  • The 4 Seasons Pack (Sold separately here for $19.99)
  • The Portrait and Wedding Pack (Sold separately here for $19.99)
  • The Black and White Pack (Sold separately here for $19.99)

(NOTE: Profiles ONLY work for Lightroom Classic CC, Lightroom CC, and Photoshop CC. It does not work for Lightroom 6 or earlier)
LUTs only work for the latest versions of ON1 Photo 2018.5 and Luminar.

The Landscape Presets bundle includes:

  • Includes the One Click Effects Preset Pack (22 presets)
  • Includes the Landscape Workflow Preset Pack(85 presets)
  • Includes the Print Preset Pack (18 presets)
  • Includes the Adjustment Brush Preset Pack (23 presets)
  • Includes the Graduated Sky Preset Pack (20 presets)
  • Includes installation videos


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