Signature Sun Flare Overlay and Preset Bundle

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Discover the endless possibilities with the Sun Flare Bundle. Have both the Sun Flare Overlay Kit (Photoshop, ON1, and Affinity) and the Sun Flare Presets for Lightroom at your fingertips. They will allow you to add beautiful sun flares to your photos.

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The Sun Flare Bundle includes:

  • Sun Flare Overlay Kit for Photoshop (Regularly $39.99)
  • Flare Presets for Lightroom (Regularly $39.99)

Preset Package 1: Lightroom Sun Flare Preset Pack includes:

  • 31 Presets TOTAL (Note: Due to a limitation in Lightroom, these only work on Horizontal photos)
  • 10 Sun Flare Presets to add sun light and beams of light to your photos right from within Lightroom
  • 21 Sun Light and Haze Presets to add directional areas of light to your photos and enhance or even add sun when it may not have been as intense.
  • 5 Page PDF Reference and Outline
  • 9 Training Videos that not only show you how to install and use the presets, but show you how to adjust them for your own photos.

Preset Package 2: Sun Flare Overlay Kit includes:

  • 40 Overlays
  • 15 Sun Flare Overlays for adding directional / less intense light to your photos.
  • 20 Sun Star Overlays for adding and enhancing photos that include the sun.
  • 5 Creative Overlays.
  • 6 Page PDF Reference Guide
  • 12 Training Videos that show you how to use the overlays in Photoshop, ON1 and Affinity Photo + how to adjust them and make them look more realistic.


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