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The Photoshop System consist of over 11 hours of video broken down into short, easy to understand lessons. It’s like getting 11 courses in one. You’ll also get 138 pages of PDF Cheat Sheets, and photos to follow along with. See below for more information.


What’s Different About the Photoshop System?

I’ve been teaching Photoshop for over 15 years now. So what’s the big deal about the Photoshop System and what’s so different about it compared to my previous training?

Well, let me lay out for you how most other Photoshop training bundles come to life. First, a 1-2 hour course is created on some specific area in Photoshop. I’ll use me as an example: I created a course years ago on layers because that’s what people asked for. Then, a few months later people asked about selections, so I created another course. But I didn’t really think about my layers course when I created it. Been there, done that, outta mind, outta site. Plus, I wasn’t sure if these people would be watching that course. And then a while later, I created a course on masking… you get the idea.

Eventually those courses were put together in to a bundle, and sold together as a one-stop place to learn Photoshop. Looking back, I don’t think they were. They weren’t created together, in a way where one course knew the other course would be in existence. And because of that, I think it was fragmented, lots of duplicate info, and lots of missing topics that would link everything together.

But nobody would be crazy enough to create 11 Photoshop courses, and release them all at once right? Well that’s exactly what I did with the Photoshop System. I spent a solid 6-weeks working on an outline that was cohesive and tied everything together. And then another 2 months creating the videos.

The result. An easy-to-use system to learn Photoshop that you own. You download and keep the videos to watch whenever you want, however many times you want. It’s got an outline that lists all 11 “courses” within the system, as well as prerequisite videos I think you should watch as the topics get more complex.

For a beginner, it gives you a clear path of how to tackle and start learning Photoshop. For some one who knows enough to be dangerous in Photoshop, it gives you a clear way to jump in to just the topics that you want to learn about without having to watch more basic videos that you already know.

To tell you the truth, it’s a project that I had no idea how I’d tackle when I started. And it’s become one of the projects I’m proudest of in my entire career.


The system course files are over 11 hours of video. But it’s broken up into 11 Sections covering the various areas of Photoshop, and each Section has small video lessons in it (usually 5-7 minutes).

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  1. Susan Molnar (verified owner)

    “The Photoshop System” by is one of the very best investments I’ve made into my photography habit!! For years, I shied away from Photoshop because every time I ventured into it, I quickly became overwhelmed and frustrated. Photoshop is absolutely NOT an intuitive program to learn or use! But finally, after a lot of online research, I came across Matt K’s Photoshop System. I have to admit, it seemed like a risk. Who wants to spend money on a course and find out it’s not worth it?

    Well, my concern was totally unfounded! Matt’s Photoshop System is expertly organized and presented, walks you step-by-step through each process, and provides follow-along photos, cheat sheets, course outlines, and so much more to insure that you can learn in the way and at the speed that works best for you. Matt’s teaching style is precise but not stuffy. He speaks clearly, does not rush through topics, and explains why you are doing what you’re doing. He is friendly and very personable, but does not waste precious video time going far off topic. The videos are easy to follow along with, using the included practice photos.

    After taking this course, I am no longer intimidated by Photoshop and have the skills I need to accomplish most everything I want to do in it. If I forget how something works, I own the videos and the Photoshop System is so well organized that I can easily find and re-watch the appropriate video.

    If you want to learn Photoshop for your photography hobby or profession, The Photoshop System is definitely the way to go.

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