Totally Textures Bundle

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The Totally Texture Bundle includes the following

Creative Texture Blending Course (Reg $109.99) – In this course you’ll learn how to creatively blend in textures with wildlife, landscape, travel and still life photos using Photoshop or ON1 Photo Raw 2020.

Texture Bundle + Bonus Videos (Reg $119.99) – This bundle includes the 3 texture packs and 90 minutes of bonus video tutorials.

Scenic Texture Pack (Reg $39.99) – This Texture Pack includes 19 Scenic Textures and Overlays for your creative texture blending. These textures range from textured cloud backdrops to big scene backdrops and water so that you can place your subjects in different textured scenes, and not just add texture behind them.

Painterly Overlays (Reg $39.99) – This bundle includes the 16 hand-painted abstract art overlays. These are a great companion to any texture images you create. When I Create a texture I like to leave you in the drivers seat so I don’t typically add any “painting” styles to it. That’s where these come in really handy, because you can add that finishing touch yourself. No blurring of the photo, and your photo will still be tack-sharp. This just adds a hand painted abstract style to the top of it. And no need to purchase a “painterly” plug-in.

Grass Overlays (Reg $39.99) – This package includes 10 high quality grass overlays. These overlays are a great companion to texture blending images where you have feet on the ground and you want to avoid that “floating” look by hiding them, or just to add some foreground to your texture blended images.


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