Introducing... Profiles and LUTs for Lightroom

A whole new way to add style, cinematic effects and color grading to your photos in Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw (ACR).
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Everything You Need to Know about the new Lightroom profiles

This video will give you a quick overview on what’s new with Lightroom’s Profiles / LUTs, and what it means for you.
Lightroom’s new profiles let you add style, “looks”, and color grading effects with one-click.
Probably the most common question is… How are profiles (AKA: LUTs) different from regular Lightroom Presets?  Presets…
  • Preset Slider changes override any previous adjustments you’ve made. For example if you move the Shadows slider to +50 because the photo is too dark, and then apply a preset that has Shadows = 0, the photo will now have the Shadow slider at 0, not 50.
  • Presets cannot use LUTs
Profiles / LUTs…
  • Don’t move sliders
  • Profiles can include LUTs or various settings and controls that Lightroom doesn’t have.
  • Profiles have an Amount (like Opacity) slider for fine-tuning the results.
  • They can be applied on top of existing edits and they won’t change them.
  • Since the sliders aren’t overridden by a profile / LUT, you can modify your photo any way you’d like, and then apply the profile on top of the image.
  • You can “favorite” a profile.

How are Profiles different from presets?

5 Cool features IN the new Lightroom Profiles

“I believe that profiles/LUTs ARE the preset of the future” – Matt Kloskowski
  1. This is probably my favorite… Gone are the days where I had to create 3 different versions of my presets (light, medium, strong) so that you can have more control over the effect. With the profiles/LUTs, there’s an Opacity slider so you can dial it to the exact strength you want.
  2. They let you get looks and style that you can’t just get within the regular Lightroom sliders and controls. For example, we can now get the look of a Overlay Blend Mode or the Gradient Map Adjustment Layer from Photoshop, right inside of Lightroom / ACR.
  3. Hover-over previews mean you don’t actually have to apply the profile to see what it’ll look like. Just hover over them and you get a preview right on your photo.
  4. They make it very simple to seperate your technical edits from your creative edits and styling.
  5. They’re easy to find and have a “favorite” feature so you don’t have to go searching around for your favorite ones.
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To celebrate this brand new feature in Lightroom, you can grab my profile/ LUT bundle package at a huge discount this week.

The 4 Seasons

This package contains 20 profiles that give the “looks” of the various seasons. It includes everything from subtle cold and blueish tones for winter, to saturated reds for fall, bright spring colors, all the way to warm and hazy for summer.


This package contains 25 profiles for landscape, nature and outdoor photos. They’re tuned for the colors we get outdoors and usually don’t take skin tones into account (but hey… it’s always worth a try to see some fun effects). You’ll find everything from warmer tones, to cold wintery looks, turning day into night, and profiles that look great on sunsets, waterfalls, and even foggy muted photos.

Portrait and Wedding

This package contains 25 profiles that are specially designed and crafted for Portrait and Wedding photos. You’ll find everything from subtle skin toning, warming looks, matte effects, all the way to fantasy and fun colorizing effects that you normally couldn’t get in Lightroom.

Black and White

Of all the profile packages that contain settings you can’t get in Lightroom, this is probably one of the biggest. This pack contains 20 profiles that bring the beloved Gradient Map and Channel Mixer B&W settings from Photoshop, right into Lightroom.

Or… purchase individual packages below

The bundle above includes all 4 of the packages below. Or you can purchase them individually.

4 Seasons Pack


Landscape Pack


Wedding / Portrait


Black & White



download free profiles

You can download completely FREE high-quality profiles to try out. Grab ’em now so you can see the possibilities.


Here’s a few Frequently Asked Questions.  As always if you have any questions that aren’t answered here, just press the Ask A Question button below. Thanks!

What version of Lightroom?

These profiles will only work in Lightroom “Classic” CC and Lightroom CC. They will not work in Lightroom 6 or any earlier version.

How do I update Lightroom?

If you’re a Creative Cloud member (Adobe CC), just open Lightroom and go to the top menu to Help > Updates.

Can I use these on another computer?

Yes, you can use them on up to 3 computers.

Do they work on raw or JPG photos?

While some of the default Adobe profiles only work on raw photos, my profiles will work on both.

How are these different from presets?

I actually covered that question. Just click right here.

Will these work in Adobe Camara Raw (ACR) too?

Yes. When you install them, you’ll put them in a folder that lets them work in both LR and ACR.

How do I install them?

When you purchase the profiles or download the free profiles, there is an install video included.

Do I have to use the landscape profiles on landscapes or portrait profiles on portraits?

Heck no! Have fun with them. Get creative. Click around and try anything and you’ll see they work on lots of different types of photos.

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