A Modern Day Workflow Course

Take well-captured, simple photos… and turn them in to creative and stunning photos with Lightroom and Photoshop Workflow. 

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What’s Included?

Full Start to Finish Workflow in Lightroom Classic and Photoshop

This course includes 10 lessons that show my full start to finish workflow using your photos (well, maybe not you specifically). But I felt strongly about having a variety of photos and ideas to work with so these are photos submitted by people that follow my website.
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My System for Looking at a Photo

1. The Basics

We’ll always start in Lightroom or whatever Adobe Raw editor you use. You’ll learn the basic steps that I use to look at, and start editing, any photo.  

2. Global Adjustments

Global adjustments can be made at various times throughout the editing process. Sometimes you’ll need them early on, and sometimes later. You’ll learn how I figure out when and where to do these adjustments. 

3. Targeted Adjustments

Targeted and selective adjustments are some of the most impactful things we can do to a photo. I walk you through exactly what I’m thinking and looking for in the photo as I use the selective adjustments. 

4. Photoshop Adjustments

Sometimes the Photoshop work we do can transform the aspects of the photo that we really don’t like. I never liked the term “Fix it in Photoshop”. But let’s be honest… sometimes when we weren’t able to capture something the way we wanted, we do have to fix it. You’ll learn when and where I remove distractions, use AI and Generative Fill in my workflow as well as sky replacements and making them fit in to the photo.  

5. Finishing Touches

So many people get caught thinking the photo is done after Photoshop. But those small adjustments we do when we finish our Photoshop work can really help finish off the photo. 

Which version of Lightroom and Photoshop Do I Need for This?

Before / Afters Of the Photos You’ll Work On

Tips are great…But you NEED workflow too!

I think we’ve lost something in this world of instant gratification and short videos. 

Whether you knew it or not, creators on YouTube and Instagram are actually incentivized to create “short” videos because that’s what is popular right now. I’ve actually received messages where Instagram offered to PAY ME to create short videos. 

Regardless of how we got here, we’re here. And I feel like we’ve lost something.

Creators are taking their full videos and breaking them up in to small chunks. You’re seeing a ton of small videos that are part of a bigger picture. Tips taken out of context – all of which you probably can’t remember when you need them the most.

And that’s fine… Tips aren’t a bad thing…

But you’re not learning the full workflow and creative process you need – The process to look at a photo, and develop a creative perspective, plan, and vision for that photo – and then put those steps together to make it happen. 

Turning a photo from a well captured but simple photo, to a stunning photo requires creativity and a vision. And that’s what you’ll learn in this course.

Watch Online or Download

You get both options as part of your purchase. You can watch/stream the course online (always the best option), or you can download to your computer and keep forever.




Page Notes

Sample Lessons and Full Course Outline



Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a subscription?

No. You buy the course and you own it. You can log in and stream it online any time you want or you can download it to your computer and put it on any device you want to watch as many times as you’d like.

What software versions will I need?

This course is created with the raw editing in Lightroom Classic (current version in May 2024) and then Photoshop 2024 where needed. 

I’ve also included videos that show you where these exact settings are in Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. All Adobe raw editors are the same, with a few naming changes but will produce the same results regardless of what you use. 

Does this course use AI?

Yes, this course uses AI tools where needed. I don’t try to use AI and don’t NOT try to use it. 

My process is to look at a photo and develop a creative perspective for it. A vision or an idea of what I wish it looked like. 

From there, I use whatever tools are necessary to get there. Sometimes that’s just the raw edit controls in Lightroom and sometimes that requires a sky replacement or some other AI tool. 

What skill is this course aimed at?

Like nearly all of my editing courses, the skill level is late beginner to intermediate. If you watch me edit, you’ll see I don’t use complicated tools. I really believe the magic is knowing what to do with the tools, not necessarily the tools themselves. 

If you know the basics of using the editing controls in Lightroom and how to use Layers, selections, and brushes in Photoshop you have all you need to follow this course. 

Can I use the techniques in this course for contests?

That’s up to every individual contest and their own rules. But at times I do use sky replacements and AI tools that may not be allowed. You should always check with your contest administrators for clarity on what you can and can’t do. 

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