Wildlife Texture Blending

Blending textures with wildlife (and landscape too) photos using Adobe Photoshop OR ON1 Photo Raw.

by Matt Kloskowski

Creative Wildlife Editing

Adding Texture to Wildlife (and landscape too) Photos

with Adobe Photoshop or ON1 Photo 2020

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3 Things You’ll Learn About 

This course is organized into 7 “mini” courses / modules. Each one covers a specific area to help you master your landscapes. You can watch whatever you like, whenever you like.

Basics and Essentials

An entire 2 hour basics course is included, just in case you need a refresher. 

Creative and Fine Art Techniques

This is what EVERYONE asked for. And this course delivers. You’ll uncover ideas for editing your photos whether it’s keeping it close to reality, or really pushing it past. 

Smooth Channel Based Selections

Sometimes you have to learn about the technical stuff to reach your creative vision. Getting really fine tuned selections can help in every way. 

Texture blending has opened up a whole new world 

for Me!

This is a really interesting course for me. If you were to have asked me 5 years ago if I’d create something like this I would say probably not. 
But as time goes on, I realize that photography takes us in differnet directions. I’ve always enjoyed being artisitc. I’ve always wished I could draw better, and paint better. And honestly, when I first started in Photosohp that’s the type of work I used to do. 
But then I became laser focussed on photography and photograhpy only. In fact, if you would have told me I would add texture to a photo, I would have said “Why would I spend all this money on equipment to take a good photo, only to add texture to the background”. 
But today my tastes of changed. I’ve also realized that I have a lot of really cool wildlife photos (and landscape) photos with very undesirable parts to them. Once I started texture blending, it opened up a whole new world for me to go back to photos I would have once considered throw away. 

Just Sayin’…

Should You Buy This Course?

This course is for you if…


You want to learn more about "the art of the edit"


You know that vision is important, but you need help seeing it.


You want to learn more technical so you can be more creative.


You know that good photo editing is where taste and skill meet.

Some of My Personal Favorites

Course Highlights 

As with any course I create, I always have some personal favorites. Topics and techniques that I know are different from what’s out there, and will really help people.


Finally Learn the BEST Black and White

This one really bugs me… when I see people confused, and spending their money on the wrong black and white conversions. This will help!


Selection Techniques with a Creative Process

When you learn to see your photo creatively, you can use some simple (and more complex) selection techniques, in new ways, to make adjustments.


Distractions Aren't All Created Equal

Distracting elemements come in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t always have to be a telephone wire. In fact, distracting elements can be things like wide angle issues where the background is too small, clouds that didn’t cover the sky in a nice pattern, and much more. We’ll address how to enhance the photos so that your vision is carried through.


Fine Art and Creative Looks

There’s an entire Section/Module (with 11 videos in it) dedicated to ideas for creative looks that give that “fine art” feel. I even finish most videos with a “wall view” of an image hanging on the wall and what ways I would envision showing something like this off. 


Pricing and Bonuses

What You’ll Get


All Videos: Download or Stream Online

You get all of the course videos and you can watch them however you want. You’ll be able to log in to your account and download them to your computer or you can stream them online (internet connection required for streaming). 

Brushes and Textures

You’ll get 10 of my favorite brushes and 10 of my favorite textures for adding and working with texture blends.

All Follow Along Photos

You get all photso to follow along with so you can practice on your own.


Photoshop or ON1 Version Included

You don’t have to pick. You’ll get the Photoshop and the ON1 version of the course with your purchase. No deciding… you get ’em both. 


Skill Level

What Skill Level Do I Need?


Photoshop Skill Level

Layers | Basic Selections | Brushes

In Photoshop, you’ll need to know the basics of using Layers, selections, blend modes, and using brushes. 


ON1 Version Skill Level

Layers | Basic Masking | Brushes

In ON1, you’ll need to know the basics of using Layers, how to use the masking brush, and how to apply effect filters. 

“Thank you for bringing Landscape editing to life and adding to my increasing enjoyment of photography.”

– Colin Hegan

Frequently Asked Questions

What Software / Versions will I need?

There are two versions of this course. One is for Adobe Photoshop and the other is for ON1. The course is recorded in PS 2020 but earlier versions will work. If you use ON1 Photo Raw you’ll need version 2020.

Can I watch on my tablet?

Yes, this course has a streaming option that will let you watch on tablets (internet required). Is is also downloadable (you get both) and you can download it to a computer and then transfer to a tablet as well to watch without an internet connection. 

Is This a Photo Painting Course?

No, this adds texture to backgrounds and various elements of photos. But it is not about photo painting. Honestly, if that’s what I were going to do, I would just use a plug-in as there are many out there that create paintings. 

What is the skill level of this course?

This course can be for a late beginner all the way up advanced. As long as you know the basics, I think there is a TON you can take away from it.

But if you’re an advanced user, please make sure you go at this with the right mindset. I (most likely) won’t be teaching you a new tools. When you’re advanced, if you learn how to use an existing tool in a new way or better, than you got your money’s worth.

Don’t buy this if you’re going to say “I already knew that”. There’s enough new content in here that I know that’s not true 🙂

Can't find an answer? Contact Support below.

If you’ve read through the FAQs to the left and don’t see your question listed, please contact support.

“A course unlike any other!”

– Frank Fiorentino (Sarasota, FL)

Your Instructor… Matt Kloskowski


“Good editing is where taste and skill meet”

Who Is Matt?

If I could sum myself up in to one sentence I’d say that I’m a guy who really loves to teach. When I think about what I enjoy most in this industry, it’s helping people learn about photography and photo editing.

I believe that successful photography (both in camera and after) is where taste and skill meet. 

A lot of people don’t know this, but I don’t shoot professionally anymore. At all! I have ZERO ego attached to my photography which means I don’t have any trade secrets, and I hold ABSOLUTELY NOTHING back (because my job is to teach, not shoot).

Do I love the occasional compliment on my photography? Sure… who doesn’t? But what really keeps me going is when I hear success stories from people who have taken my courses. So hop on board, and I hope to hear from you soon 🙂


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