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Being into the martial arts, I always enjoy watching the UFC Ultimate Fighter fights when I see them on TV. And since everything has it’s own reality TV show, you can imagine that the UFC isn’t left out. They actually have one called the Ultimate Fighter. In the context of reality shows, it’s actually not bad and I enjoy watching it when I see it on. Anyway, while watching it I was inspired to create a preset based on the “look” of some of the portraits you see in the show graphics.

Here’s a few samples:

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Hope you enjoy. Have a good one!


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  4. Pedram Tamadon

    dear Matt
    please tell me where i can download list of your presets for ACR ?
    thank you

  5. Don

    I missed the March workflow video email for the onone course I purchased and I would like to know if I could find it some where.

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  8. Mike Phillips

    Hi Matt,

    I had downloaded the Ultimate Fighter presets and in a recent Windows 10 crash I lost much of my LR CC stuff. I’ve tried several times to find your preset Ultimate Fighter 1&2 and constantly get page not found errors.
    I love this preset! Matter of fact it helped me develop some of my own, but I can’t figure out the formula again.
    Can you help?



  9. Sam

    Lost my presets in the Windows 10 update as well πŸ™ is this still available for download?

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