Nik Is Dead – My Free Survival Guide on Switching to ON1

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Last month I saw a ton of questions, Facebook/Twitter posts and just about everything else when Google/Nik stopped working for some people. It seems there was a software update that broke it for some folks, but it also seems like there are some workarounds that will get it to work.

That said, the writing is on the wall and probably has been since Google made Nik free last year – Nik is unfortunately dead – Google even posted a message on the Nik home page that says it will no longer be updated (not even maintenance upgrades to make it work with Adobe, Apple or Windows).

Anyway, last month I didn’t write anything on the topic for two reasons.

1) I had already written two articles on it and I felt like the topic was getting beat to death. The first was years ago after Google bough Nik (and I was very wrong about some predictions). And the second was last year when they made it free. So I figured I’d written enough.

2) Rather than write any more about this. Or complain any more than I already had, and pile on the angry-train that was building, I figured I’d make a course to show people what I moved to after I dropped Nik years ago. So that’s exactly what I did and that course, The Nik to ON1 Survival Guide is now ready and free for you to download right now.

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How I Use ON1?

My workflow is pretty much the same as it always was. I start in Lightroom. If I have any major cloning/healing to do, layering, content-aware, retouching, etc… then I jump to Photoshop. After that, if I really love the photo and I need some creative help with styling it, then I jump to ON1 Effects and back to Lightroom. For me, I only used Nik Color Efex and Silver Efex, so when I went looking for something to replace it, I just needed a new place for effects, styling, and black & white conversions.

So that’s the viewpoint from which this survival guide was created. You can certainly do your whole workflow in ON1 and they have a ton of info on that on their website. I just wanted to show you were it fits in my workflow.

What Is the Survival Guide?

This course is meant to be something where Nik users can see what I switched to, and how it works similar to what you had with Nik – and how it’s different.

The course mainly covers Nik Color Efex Pro (which was the most popular plug-in Nik had) and how to get something similar in ON1 Effects. First I show you how the two are similar. How you launch ON1 (just like Nik), and how the Filters and Presets work similar to the way they work in Nik. Then I dive in to an overview cheat-sheet of sorts, that shows a Nik filter and what filters I think produce something close or similar in ON1 Effects.

Keep in mind, Nik CEP is old – like really old. So there are filters in there that just don’t make sense in today’s workflow. Things like Curves or Levels. If you even use Curves anymore (which most people don’t), that would be something you’d do in your raw editor of choice (I personally use Lightroom, but there’s a lot of others out there and ON1 even has their own raw editor).

Then I cover Silver Efex Pro and how to get something similar in ON1 Effects with their black & white conversion. I won’t get in to the debate of whether or not there’s anything comparable to Silver Efex, since that’s in the eye of the beholder. All I want to do is give you an option if you want to find an alternative to Nik, and show you what I personally use.

Finally, I briefly touch on Viveza, Analog Efex, Sharpener, and Dfine. I don’t spend much time on them because most people have a workflow in a raw editor, and all of these tasks should be done there (where you get better results anyway), rather than a plug-in.

It’s Got A PDF Cheat Sheet Too!

I even included a PDF cheat sheet with it. This has all of the links to download, but also has a decoder that lists each Nik Color Efex Filter, and it’s closest match in ON1 with some quick notes on settings or suggestions. The videos are the main thing, but I figured this would help once you’ve watched them and just needed something to quickly refer back to.

Also, if you want to just grab the PDF and see if the course looks like it’s something for you, you can click here to download it.

Yes, It’s Free

I decided to make this free because I was right there with ya’ years ago. I was ticked off that my favorite plug-ins were close to dead, and never-to-be-updated again. So rather than complain about it again (which I’ve done many times), I decided to do something that could help. I figured I can show you my workflow. This isn’t a sales pitch and I don’t work for ON1. It’s meant for a Nik user who doesn’t know how to get the effects that they liked with Nik, and hopefully it helps you reproduce some of them with ON1.

Do You Already Own ON1?

If you already own and use ON1 this course isn’t for you. My guess is you won’t learn anything new (unless you literally haven’t installed or used your purchase yet). And if you do already own ON1, there’s much more complete training on using their products FREE on their website. Just click the Learn link in the top menu.

Download Away!

The course is in my store, but it’s priced at $0. Just add it to your cart, check out (which only requires a name/email – no credit card info) and you’ll be able to download it for free. No strings attached. And you can even download the free 30-day trial of ON1 Photo Raw 2017 (which includes ON1 Effects), so you can literally try this out and see if it works for you at no cost.

ON1 Free Downloads

There’s two free downloads that ON1 offers you. So what’s the difference?

  1. The first is the full version, 30-day trial, of ON1 Effects 2017 which includes ON1’s newest entire lineup of apps (Browse, Effects, Develop, Resize, Layers). If you’re looking for a complete workflow from organizing your photos, raw editor, and styling effects, then that’s the way to go.
  2. But… ON1 also offers ON1 Effects 10.5 which is last year’s version of ON1 Effects. It’s got all of the effects I talk about in the video, and definitely something to consider if you’re workflow is like mine – and you’re using Lightroom and Photoshop. That version is free. Free to download, and it doesn’t expire.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope this free course helps you find an alternative to your Nik plug-ins. I know it’s frustrating when good software just stops working, and maybe you’ll even find something better in the future. Enjoy and have a good one!


    1. Ron

      Hi Matt, the links in the PDF to the video lessons points to the OnOne Photo raw page.
      Do you have the correct link for the video lessons?

      1. Author
        Matt K

        Hi Ron – The lessons in the PDF aren’t supposed to point to the videos. Looks like I inadvertently linked to ON1 for them, but the lessons are in the folder and the PDF won’t link to them.

        1. Alan Huntley

          Hi Matt,

          Really appreciate the work you’ve put into this…and, I hate to be dense…but. what folder? Where?

          1. Author
            Matt K

            When you download the course you download a ZIP file. Everything is in that file when you unzip it.

  1. peter nadort

    Hello Matt, After so many years with using OnOne I’m still confused. I have bought on my Mac OnOne photo RAW 2017 and there are plugins I suppose. They are ON1 Develop, ON1 Effects, ON1 Photo RAW and ON1 Resize. So 4, is that enough to replace NIK? Hope to hear soon from you’

    Regards, Peter Nadort

  2. Vic

    Hi Matt

    Do you suggest uninstalling Nik at all even if they still work? I use On1 RAW and LT standalone plus Luminar. Photoshop don’t appeal to me as it seems I will was too much time trying to learn it hence why I don’t subscribe to Adobe. Am I missing out not using the latter? Thanks and regards, love your tutorial videos.

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hi Vic – You can keep Nik and use it as long as you’d like. As for what you’re missing out on, it’s tough to say. I personally use the LR > PS workflow. I don’t use PS on everything, but for those times I do, I need it. As for Luminar, it’s one of those things where I’d think you pick ON1 Effects or LUminar. I don’t think you need both.

    2. Dolores Wiens

      Vic, if you are interested in learning Photoshop, but have been discouraged by the many tutorials that sound great, but then don’t really work when you try the instructions presented, if you are frustrated by it’s density, you are talking about me! However, being aquainted with Matt’s clarity in teaching, his ability to not leave out a single step in tutorials, I’ve seen in the past. I decided to try one more time. I purchased Matt’s Photoshop course and presto magic, I’m working in Photoshop and loving it. Well, not magically, being able to work in Photoshop is due to Matt’s meticulous, detailed instructions. Because of my intense desire to learn to use Photoshop, I am ecstatic! Give the course a shot, you’ll love it because it works! You could be learning Photoshop with ease. I still can hardly believe it! Just sayin’ . . .

  3. JP Turner

    Matt – your insights on these issues are always spot on and much appreciated. Thank you!

  4. Charles Kraft


    I know this is a little late but Kelby has never been the same since you left. You were my favorite instructor along with Cory Barker, who was a genius in photoshop, but hard to follow sometimes. Thought about dropping Kelby but I would then lose access to all those courses, and I do go back and refresh myself on a particular type of photography (long exposure, HDR etc.) Anyway I wish you great success, as it is deserved.

    1. roy rubeli

      I would like to offer a strong amen to your comments and my sincere wishes to Matt for great success as an independent guru….. thank you Matt…


  5. Edward Fox

    Hi Matt,

    I’m a Nik CP4 diehard for now. This is because CP4 works as a plug-in on Affinity Photo, whereas On1 can only be used as a stand alone app. But when Nik dies, its good to know that there’s a viable alternative out there.

    Your pdf and videos on switching from CP4 To On1 are great! When I do have to switch, it will be relatively painless thanks to you.

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hey Edward – Not sure if you know but ON1 isn’t just standalone. My whole course is based on using it from LR or PS. But if you’re out of the Adobe camp, not sure how Affinity works with it. Good luck!

      1. Edward Fox

        Hi Matt,

        Maybe I wasn’t clear enough in my previous email. I should have said that Affinity Photo is very much like Photoshop and it does support some but not all plugins that work in Photoshop. Nik does plug into Affinity Photo but On1 Effects does not. ON1 Effects can only be used as a standalone app with Affinity, so getting photos into On1 Effects is a more manual process and takes just a few more clicks.

        Since most of your course compares Nik to On1, its still very useful to me. Also, I follow you more to see where you take photos and how you stylize them than for LR and PS instruction.

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Give it a try Jane. It’s a contrast filter, so I think just about any software out there can recreate it. But it’s also in the eye of the beholder.

  6. Beverly Hanson

    Who has the best HDR now? And Nik color efex is one of my favorites. Right now I can still use it and will continue to do so. I do have OnONE though and need to explore it more thoroughly.

  7. J

    Nik also works stand alone on OS X. So, you can just open an image copy in one of them, alter the copy, then save it back to PS (or LR or Capture One Pro). In theory, it should remain working for some years or; until Apple updates its OS so much that it no longer works (and you decide to let that update happen) or, your Mac dies/ages out and you have to OS update.
    Regardless, I have found that the same features in Nik are also more and more common in the other programs I use. I like the black and white and sharpening options Capture One Pro 9+ provides so, I don’t use Nik anymore (and I paid for it, albeit, when it was super cheap from Google).
    This is probably why Google is getting out. No more market as these once specialized features and apps are integrated directly into image editing software at all levels.

    1. Doug

      I also use Capture One Pro 10, and agree that its B&W renders are really nice, but… I still think that Silver Efex Pro has some voodoo magic to it which sets it apart from any other B&W converter I’ve ever used. I will use it when I have a specific feel/mood in mind, because it can often start at a base that I cannot find with C1.


  8. Doug

    I get that you’re endorsing On1 software likely because of future monetary reasons, Matt, but you cannot honestly think that ON1 Photo RAW is a legit replacement for the NIK suite. First off, it is more of a replacement for LR, rather than just a plugin. It is also brand new-ish and has a long way to go in so far as how well it works.

    I own it, so feel I can speak to its quality. The effects and presets are rubbish. Sort of in the same vain as how the HDR software that what’s his face put his name behind from Stuck In Customs. To me, the range of effects and presets are mostly cheesy, and you really have to dig in order to find gold, which IMO isn’t worth the bother. Granted, it’s not expensive, and one can try it for free and find out if they like it.

    I think its best qualities are its shadow recovery and how it handles the RAW processing algorithms for Fuji X Trans sensors. There’s no support for NIK anymore, but it’s 64bit software, which means that it is fine as it is, until 64bit OS is no longer valid. And that won’t be for a while.

    I haven’t tried Alien Exposure or Topaz in a long time, but have a feeling that they’d be better suited for such work.

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hey Doug – you’re of course entitled to your opinion, so hopefully you’re okay with my opinion. It works for me and plenty of other people out there. It’s a VERY common question I get asked, so I think it’s fair I share my thoughts. This is what I personally use. Hopefully you can respect. And even though I disagree with you, that’s not a reason to throw “money reasons” in your comment as a reason that I would be writing about this. You can use your filters… I can use mine… and we can both let everyone else decide what’s best for them 🙂 Thanks!

  9. Bil Palmer

    Thank you for doing this. After PS crashed because I was using NIK, I put NIK on a old computer that no longer had an internet connection-preventing any potential updates from anyone. If I wanted to use NIK I would save it on my good computer and put it on a flash drive and then use it on the bad computer. I would use the things in NIK, save it to the flash drive and go back to the good computer and finish my work in PS.
    Yes, I do have the latest version of ON 1. It worked but was time consuming. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I promise you I will use it a lot till I memorize it!

  10. Sandra Chung

    Any further development Nik is dead (unless it goes open source) but it does still work with CorelPSP, Photoshop CS3-6, and CC. I still use ColorEFEX 4 to correct white balance and a few other tools, and Define.. well, for me, the noise reduction in On1 PhotoRaw just doesn’t quite do it for me at this time.

    Presets/Effects – As with Nik, some are great, some are good, some I avoid. With the :Local Adjustments” it is so easy to fine tune.

    One of the recent Preset/Filter package B&W – Dark vs Light, in my opinion, is equal to Nik SilverEfex,.

    The only problem I have with On1Raw is the massive memory leak issue. 27gbs of 32gb being used when ‘rendering’, forcing a hard reboot/restart. Nik doesn’t do or cause that. Yes, I know I could use On1 10.5 (and have resorted to it out of frustration at times), but I have created presets in ON1 PhotoRaw, and they aren’t backwards compatible.

  11. carol carlaw

    Hi Matt

    Your answer to Ron regarding links in PDF not working you said they were in the folder. May I ask where is this folder with the videos please


    1. Author
      Matt K

      When you download the course it comes in a .ZIP file. Open that and you’ll see everything in there 🙂 Thx.

  12. John Davis

    I have used Nik’s products for years, but overall mostly Viveza. The Nik selection tool is very unique. One of my hobbies is bird and animal photography and this is where Viveza excels. If, for example, there is red on the bird but perhaps it is in the shadows or muted, etc., I can quickly use Nik’s selection tool and limit the size. In mere seconds I can affect only the desired color of the bird/animal and change its appearance. No masks needed. Wildlife Photos almost always have shadows where you do not desire them and so on.

    If there is another product that will let me select specific colors and locations within an image I would love to know.. When Viveza no longer works I will be in a pi8nch. When processing hundreds of photos at a time, Nik’s selection tool and ease of altering specific colors has become very appreciated.

  13. Bernie Kubiak

    I use SEP for infrared & B/W conversions, Analog Efex, and sharpening. Nik’s easy to use and I’m still finding my way around On1. Interested to see what you’ve come up with.

  14. Prof. Hans Habereder

    hi matt like you i also use Nik. i found it has much better colour and effects filters
    than anything elso, even On 1 raw which i own but do not use for that
    specific reason. Thats why i stuck with Nik even after your messages. I feel On 1 now has an opportunity to match the colour and effects algorithms and filters of Nik. If they do so they will have a winner. Until then i will use lightroom, Affinity Photo and Nik until it fails. Your course is very informative thank you so much.

  15. John Prior

    Nik’s collection was the best available, especially with the neat and easy idea of control points. I still use mine all the time with the latest version of OSX, Lightroom and Photoshop CS6. I’ve tried ON1, have the latest version, but I’m still unable to fall in love with it. Pity Google could not find a buyer willing to develop the software further.

  16. Prof. Hans Habereder

    Matt the pro contratst filter in Nik is a lot more than just a contrast filter as you would indicate

  17. Prof. Hans Habereder

    Matt the pro contratst filter in Nik is a lot more than just a contrast filter as you would indicate . It is quite sophisticated affects colors if you want it to , tonal contrast and more . There is no fliter like it anywhere. the same is true for the Nik detail enhancer and color filter

    1. Author
      Matt K

      I disagree, but that’s ok. As I mentioned in several places in the course, everyone is different and everyone see’s something different in an image and filter. That’s why no two photographs taken in the same place, ever look alike because processing is so important (and different). As for Detail Enhancer though, I think it’s absolutely horrible. Never liked it and ON1 Dynamic Contrast blows it out of the water. Not even close to me.

  18. Doug

    I think that On1 offers some real advantages over Nik in many ways, but IMO, there is one most important way in which it cannot. I was never a fan of Color Efex, I’m not into that kind of processing.. But I used SEP all the time. The B&W algorithms IMO are bar-none, the best I’ve seen in terms of giving a photo a very organic, and almost film like quality to them. I do not see this with On1 at all.

    If Phase One can refine the processing algorithms and get closer to that, I’d be thrilled. Just my 2c. I bought On1 Photo RAW just to see how it handles Fuji X-Trans files, and it does better than LR, but it still has a ways to go with simple things like highlight recovery, contrast and sharpening etc.. Though, it is the king of shadow recovery. It hasn’t made me give up Capture One Pro and Affinity Photo, not even close. But it’s coming along quite nicely and quickly.

    Good job with the tutorials Matt.


  19. Giovanny Martins


    Inside the early version of Nik collection (Color Efex 3), there was a preset called “pop art” that I loved, which was withdraw from the next version (Color Efex 4).
    Do you have something like this within ON1?


    Giovanny Martins.

      1. Giovanny Martins

        All right,

        Thank you anyway, for replying me.


  20. Troy Keesee

    Hi Matt………………little confused over the whole thing. I have been a NIK user since you had to pay big bucks for it and I see you are offering this FREE or what appears to be FREE course/tutorial on how OnOne can replace NIK. As I said I paid big bucks for NIK. I can only assume mine still works. Sadly I have been down from an accident for 6 months and trying to keep up with all that is taking place.

    So to do the free course I can download OnOne for 30 days free and the NIK material is part of this???? Or can I get just the NIK comparison with the PDF separate. Right now I am having to think twice about any expenses and yet I feel I need to find something to replace NIK with or am I thinking too hard about this. I see FREE so many times and end up with a big chunk at the end of the commerical and it angers. Just say it up front.

    I am just trying to figure out what is best in my case without a sudden outlay that I may not ever use.

    Troy Keesee

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hi Troy. This is just a guide to show you what you had in Nik and how it corresponds to ON1. There are two versions of ON1 Effects. The newest ON1 Photo Raw 2017 which includes ON1 Effects (similar to Nik Color Efex, Black and white, and Analog Efex). That is a free 30 day trial. Then ON1 also offers last year’s version of ON1 Effects as a free download (doesn’t expire). I don’t know how long they’ll update it for, but it is free and you can use it as long as it works which should be a while.
      But the course is from me… the rest is up to you to go download from their respective sources (Nik which you already own and ON1’s website).
      Hope that helps 🙂

  21. Troy Keesee

    OH and one other question…………..I like what I see in your offering in the LR course but does that tie into this NIK/OnOne course?

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hi Troy – no it doesn’t tie in at all other than I do show my workflow from LR > ON1 Effects > LR. THat’s the only way that I use ON1 is as a plug-in to LR when I need to jump over for finishing effects, just like I used to for Nik. Thanks! 🙂

  22. David Bee

    Thanks Matt. I’ve been a big NIK fan for years, but knew that was coming to an end. I thought I should get something to replace it and have time to learn it before I woke up one day to a real problem. So, I purchased OnOne RAW to try to replace NIK. I got it .. now what?? Your video really cleared it up for me in a short period of time. I feel confident that I now have a good replacement for NIK.

    Thanks again.
    David Bee

  23. Demetri


    Thank you for the free transition course. I own several of your courses over at CL. Been enjoying your teaching for years. 😉 You’ve made me great!!

    RE: ON1 Effects 10.5 “That version is free. Free to download, and it doesn’t expire.”

    I registered to get this (a couple times now) and they sent me this same link:

    Has not worked in over 24 hours. Just a blinking landing page and “infinite loop” going on. Tried several browsers and computers. No go. (You’re losing leads.)

    If you have a second, could you “ping” home office about this?

    Cheers, Demetri

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hi Demetri – I don’t work for ON1. Best thing to do would be to contact their customer support at

  24. John Wallace

    Hey Matt:
    I have been a Nik user well before Google took over the company. I am using ON1 10 to enhance and finish my photos. One of the presents with Nik was Define. It was a simple way to reduce noise in most photos. Does ON1 have a similar adjustment. I am familiar with the noise reduction module I’m just wondering if there is a similar quick fix with ON1

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hi John. ON1 removes noise where it really should be done… in their Develop module (raw editor – which works even if it’s a JPEG). So I’m not sure where you’re doing your raw/jpg develop-like edits, but the noise reduction should be done there. I tough on this in the last video in the free course though. Thx.

      1. John wallace

        After sending this e-mail I went back and played module 7, Sharpening and Noise Reduction from your ultimate lightroom course. That’s the nice thing about buying one of your courses. Sharpening and Noise reduction has always been tricky and the out come is not always the best when printing.

  25. Nancy Bonhaus

    I’ve used ON1 for years but never realized it’s capabilities until I watched these videos. The information is presented in a concise and easily understood manner. I really appreciate your help!

  26. Bill

    Matt, your short course was very helpful. But I would like to know in your personal workflow, what does LR give you that you don’t get from the On1 stand alone version?

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hi Bill. I mentioned my personal workflow a few times in the course. Lightroom > Photoshop (maybe 60% of the time) > ON1 Effects for finishing touches (maybe 40% of the time). Things like glows, certain matte-like effects, dynamic contrast, and black and whites are reasons I turn to effects.
      As for what LR gives me that ON1 doesn’t – I don’t think it’s a matter of what it has or hasn’t. All of the programs out today are similar. I personally use an Adobe workflow. They all have the same sliders though, and for me the LR/PS workflow is just what I’ve been using for 20+ years so it’s what I choose to stick with.

  27. Bob M.

    Hello Matt,

    What I’m most interested in, and will miss the most when my Nik software finally becomes unusable, is Viveza2. The intuitive ability to manually add, reposition, resize, and stack multiple control points, each which can be manipulated in terms of brightness, contrast, saturation, structure, and levels is to me, unsurpassed.

    You wrote in your course description that these are tasks best performed in a raw editor (I use Photoshop). I’m presuming that you meant through the use of masks and adjustment layers. If so, I guess that these aren’t nearly as user-friendly, quick, and intuitive…to me at least.

    Also, you mention that people don’t use curves anymore. What do you mean – why do you believe this?

    I’ve used ON1 and Topaz in the past for filters but always found myself using Nik far more, especially when trying to improve less-than-optimal product photos. Most of the tutorial examples I’ve seen from ON1, Topaz, and others that show how to improve image quality start with what I think are ideal, not real-world images. This is where Viveza shines for me, allowing me to remove product blemishes, contrast, and the like easily before I even get to the point of adding filters.

    Do you think there is any chance that ON1 will incorporate control points and manipulation in a similar manner?

    Thank you!

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hi Bob.
      1) Curves have been replaced by other adjustments. I believe this because I teach thousands of folks a year and I can tell you that very few of them use curves.
      2) Unless Google decides to make Nik open source and gives the code away, I doubt anyone will use Control Points as I believe it was a patented technology and it’s included in Googles (used to be Nik’s) Snapseed app.

  28. Yvonne

    Hi Matt i have been using the On1 program even back when it was On One and have never looked back. Love this program! Never used Nik or Topaz although I checked them both out but it was On1 (On One) that i really loved as part of my post-editing program along with PS and LR. This!

  29. salsaguy

    Matt – cool I never knew you played guitar. Which axes do you have? Im a player as well. never practice though so….love all guitar based music. Keep it up. I play a Carvin DC 135T electric, an old Gibson SG copy (my 1st guitar I learned on), and an Ovation Applause acoustic

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Yep, I started playing when I was 12 (44 now). I unfortunately stopped when I was 20 and rarely picked them up, but I’ve started to again. I have an old Ibanez Roadstar 1987, a newer ESP Horizon, and a Yamaha acoustic. Ovation has always been on my list and I’m pretty sure I’ll have one soon 🙂 Maybe a 12-string since I have a 6 🙂

  30. Maureen Arthur

    Hi Matt
    I am a LR user , Nik user and teaching myself PS thru your course- Adobe CC – thank you very much
    My question relates to finding the best, fastest photo browser? I have tried Bridge but too slow! LR of course is too slow! I recently also tried Faststone which at least seems to be quicker but still not exactly what I want.

    I believe On1 Browse is very good.
    Do I assume correctly that the only way to have Browse is by purchasing On1 Photo 2017? Also if this is the case – is it better to install On1 Photo 2017 as the LR plugin or as the stand alone version?
    Is there any other browsing, sorting, software you could suggest. I really just want a simple way of sorting and culling images quickly before taking them into LR – picks, rejects ect
    Thank you for your time and the mountain of information you have made available here regarding Nik to On1. Very much appreciated.

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hi Maureen – I import my photos in to LR with Standard Previews checked. And when I review them, it’s pretty darn fast in the Library module. SO maybe give that a try.
      If you’re not happy with that, ON1 Browse is great too. I use it for my non-LR photos that are older and I don’t import since I just leave them on drives.
      I’d go ahead and install the whole shebang… ON1 Browse is standalone and doesn’t operate through LR, but if you just do the default install and let it do everything you’re good to go. Have fun!

  31. Steve Wetzel


    Thank you for taking time to put these videos together, they do help if you are trying to get an effect that someone has used for years in Nik that may not work in the future. I have used Nik and loved working with it. The control point technology could allow you to apply effects in a way that is almost impossible in other software. It’s sad that google is taking that away from us.

    But my real question is not how to get an effect in OnOne just like an effect I could get in Nik. You mentioned that there are effects in Nik that simply don’t have a good cross over to OnOne (like Polaroid). Are there effects in OnOne that you really like that are hard or impossible to create in Nik? I love experimenting. OnOne is a very powerful program and has been updated in the last few years unlike Nik. What effects have you found that you like in OnOne that don’t exist in Nik? Are there any?

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Hey Steve – there are definitely things in ON1 that Nik won’t do. I don’t know the whole list and haven’t really sat down to compare. For me, I just wanted to replace Brilliance/Warmth and Tonal Contrast. So I pretty much stopped there because that’s all I used 🙂

  32. Anthony G

    My go to Nik filters are ColorEFEX Pro and SilverEFEX Pro. Have you looked at Luminar? Any thoughts on it as a NIK replacement?

    1. Author
      Matt K

      It’s a great program. They all do the same thing. You just need to pick which one works for you. Personally I like ON1 better, but give them both a try.

  33. Tracie Louise

    I’ve been a long time Nik user but I also have been using On1 since the beginning. All I really use Nik for now is Dfine, which is my go to noise reduction and I use it on about every image. I also use Viveza still. Not as much as I did, but it still comes in handy for making some precise adjustments. I do also use Efex but really only the Tonal Contrast (Soft), it does a nice job of blurring the background that you don’t get with the blur in On1… it’s a bit of a signature look for me.
    I haven’t done any updates on my computer software for fear of losing my Nik. I know it will happen eventually, but it’s become such an integral part of my work, especially the Dfine, even though I have several other nose editing options, I just like it best..

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