Well, it’s that time of year again. Each year I’ve shared some calendar templates for Lightroom. This year, those of you that use ON1 Photo will be excited to know that ON1 has enabled a feature in the past couple of years that will allow them to work with ON1 as well. 

The templates are essentially JPG images of each calendar month (there are 2 different “looks”). So they’ll work IN ANY program that supports JPGs. You’ll find there are two versions. Version 1 is just large numbers for those of you that don’t plan to write on this. Version 2 has an area to write in for birthdays, holidays, appointments, etc… 

Install Videos 

The download also comes with three videos this year. One video on how to use these in Lightroom, one video on how to use these with ON1 Photo 2020-2021 AND I’ve added one for how to use them with Photoshop. Remember, they are JPG images. So if you’re wondering “Can I use these in ??? software?” – if that software allows you to use layers and JPGs then yes you can.  

The templates are free to download so what are you waiting for. It’s almost Thanksgiving! Get to it 😉


Also, for those of you in other countries, “friend of the blog” Ed Weaver also has some templates with both Sunday and Monday start in Deutsch, French and Spanish. You can find Ed’s templates over at his website (Click Here).


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