I just got back from the PhotoPlus 2018 Expo. Whew! What a week! It started with my wife and I just flying up there for a couple of days and browsing around the show and maybe coming up with some new ideas for next year. Next thing I knew, I was teaching about 4 sessions at a day at various booths between Epson, Adobe and ON1, as well as a class for the PhotoPlus official track. Not to mention a few interviews as well. Needless to say it was crazy busy, but I’m super thankful to have all of those opportunities. The funny part is I thought the trip would be a nice break, but it turned out I needed a break from my break by the time I got home 😉

If you’ve never been, and you live in the northeast, I’d suggest giving it a try one year. I don’t go to many expos anymore, but this one has always been one of my favorites. Some one I met put it very well. It’s big enough that you get to see a lot of things and there’s enough diversity there to really get you motivated in many areas of photography. Yet it’s small enough that you can see everything, and see just about everyone as well.

Anyway, I thought I’d share a few of the fun/cool products I found walking around the expo floor. Now, all of these products are not necessarily new, but they’re things I wasn’t really aware of before. Also, I’m just giving you a quick top 5 here. As I get to use the products more, I’ll write more about how well they hold up, and how much I use them.

  1. Outex Waterproof Housings – these are waterproof camera housings for all size cameras that don’t totally break the bank and are super easy to work and travel with. They’ve got everything from Dome kits to underwater tethered solutions (yes, you read that right – underwater tethering!). (Click Here for More Info)
  2. Feisol – I did an interview with a couple of guys I met and they had their DSLR camera mounted to this Feisol monopod tripod thingee. I loved it! I can see so many uses for this. First, it was VERY steady. Next, it was super easy to move around and not have to fight with 3 legs going up and down constantly. The perfect combination of doing some quick video as well as some still shooting at the same time. I’m definitely going to be placing an order for one of these soon. (Click Here for More Info)
  3. Loupedeck – Loupedeck is something that I think the photo editing industry and community really needed. Basically… something new! We don’t see many new products coming out for the photo editing community that isn’t just software. Other than the usual color calibration devices (snore!), and Wacom tablets (which I do love), nothing new has really come out. This keyboard editing system changes that and it’s one of the best ones I’ve ever seen. It’s got so many ways to edit your photos and customizable keys which really add something to Lightroom considering LR won’t let us set our own keyboard shortcuts (in all fairness, neither will any of it’s competitors) 🙂 (Click Here for More Info)
  4. New Epson Paper – I taught 4 thirty-minute sessions at the Epson booth and got to spend some time there. I noticed that they just released a new paper called Legacy Textured. For those of you that like to blur the line between photography and paintings, this type of paper can fit right in. I saw some photos printed with it at the Epson booth and they definitely have that painterly look to them. (Click Here for More Info)
  5. Lumecube – Okay this is a tough one because I don’t have any physical web address to send you to yet. But Lumecube previewed a bunch of things at PPE. I’ve written about Lumecube before and I carry these little lights around with me everywhere. They’re always in my camera bag. Recently they previewed some new diffusion accessories as well as a snoot and barn door accessory for it. But… that’s not even the really big news. There’s something totally new coming that I think will open up Lumecube to even more people out there, but I can’t share it yet 🙁 Trust me though. As soon as I can, I’ll do a write up on it. And if you are interested in the Lumecubes, they’ve shared a coupon code with me that’ll get you 10% off (Code: MattK10)
    (Click Here for More Info)



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