If you haven’t seen this stuff this past week then you have to go watch/read/visit them. Most of it’s free too. In no particular order:

1) Scott Kelby’s Connecting with Cuba webcast: It’s been getting crazy good reviews and people are really digging the 1-hour long show Scott did about his recent trip to Cuba. It was a great hour packed with beautiful photos of a beautiful country. He talked about what it was like to do street photography there the logistics of traveling to Cuba and interacting with everyone, among other things. Here’s the link.

2) My Before/After NAPP Tutorial: I’ve had a lot of great feedback on my latest tutorial on the NAPP site where I took a photo from my portfolio from start to finish. Here’s the link if you’re a NAPP member.

3) The Grid this week with Joe McNally: Scott called me after this week’s Grid show (I was traveling for my Lightroom seminar) and told me that he learned more during the show listening to Joe McNally about portrait photography then he had all year. He told me I had to go watch the show ASAP and I have to agree. Here’s the link to Scott’s Google+ page with the show on it from Wednesday the 13th (because I can’t seem to find it anywhere else yet) 🙂

4) Nikon announced a killer new lens. It’s an 18-300 VR lens. Mostly geared for travel photography, it gives the 35mm equivalent of 27-450mm! That’s insane in one lens! Looks like it’ll cost about $1000 so it ain’t cheap. But it’ll likely be the only lens you’d need to carry with you which is kinda cool.

5) The photography of Jay Patel: I love landscape and nature photography. So it’s no surprise I love looking at Jay’s work. You owe it to yourself to stop by (here’s the link) and take a look.


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