I’m thrilled to announce a brand new conference/summit for landscape photographers. Seriously, I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time, so jump on it if you’re in to landscape photography.

It’s called The Great Smokey Mountains Photography Summit. My good buddy Bill Fortney is one of the masterminds behind it (he along with Wilson Reynolds). Bill recently called and asked if I’d deliver the opening ceremony/keynote session for the conference. I of course said yes, but I’ll also be teaching some of the breakout sessions, doing photo critiques, and leading groups in the field to go shooting.

Finally! A Landscape Photography Conference
See, I’ve always wished there was a landscape photography conference. Portrait photographers have WPPI, but landscape photographers haven’t had anything to call home like this. Until now that is. I predict this will become THE landscape photography conference. And the team behind this conference has put together an incredible week for you. For me, a successful conference/summit gets you inspired, learning, and shooting at the same time. It needs a combination of great instructors, shooting opportunities, classroom learning, and social interaction to really make it worth it. All I can say is the guys behind this did exactly that.


It’s held at the gorgeous Tremont Lodge & Resort and it’s at the perfect time of year to be in the Smokies (fall color). The layout of the resort lets us have all of the presentations, large group sessions, break-out sessions, trade show, and accommodations in one place. And it has plenty of room to hang out, network, and get to know each other better in the down times (while you sip on an IPA or two with me) 😉

Pricing and Registration
In order to keep things manageable, and make sure that everyone learns a ton, the event will be limited so you’ll want to sign up early. They’ve kept the prices really reasonable too and if you can’t get away for the full 5-days ($375), you can sign up for the weekend plan ($299) as well. Here’s the link to the website if you’re interested.

I hope you’ll consider joining us. The even will indeed sell out since they’ve capped it at 250 people. So if you’re thinking about, then jump in and sign up to hold your spot. Hope to see you there. Have a good one!


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