I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but my kids are totally addicted to the Discovery channel. From the Deadliest Catch to every show you can imagine, they watch it constantly. This past April I remember seeing previews for an upcoming show called North America. Being a landscape photographer, I was immediately drawn to the scenes they showed and knew I would watch the show. Partly because some of them looked familiar and I’ve been there, and partly because the preview clips they showed were simply stunning.

Since then, I’ve watched every episode. It’s become “must-see” tv for me. And I’m about to order the series so I have it to keep. And let me tell ya… I NEVER order the series of anything. I don’t own any, and this will be my first. It’s simply an amazing show. The scenery, the wildlife, and even some of the behind the scenes stuff of how they captured the footage is just amazing. I’ll warn you now though. If you’ve ever done any traveling in the US and seen any of these places, your family will eventually tell you to shut up, as you keep saying “I’ve been there! Oooh… I’ve been there too!” 😉

Here’s the link to order the entire series. You can also buy it digitally too if you don’t want it on disc. I can’t recommend it enough to any person who loves the outdoors. Enjoy and have a good one.


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