I get asked just about every day about how I’ll be using ON1 Photo Raw when it ships in December. For me, I’ll continue to do my organizing and editing with Lightroom. Any heavy layer and selection work will move over to Photoshop. But ON1 has always been, and continues to be, the place I go to “stylize” my photos (which I consider to be just as important, if not more sometimes).

NOTE: If you didn’t read about it, I moved on to start my own photography/post-processing training company last summer. But I still use ON1 and am an ON1 Plus coach. You can read more about it here. 

Stylize Photos?

I mentioned the word stylize in the last paragraph. I think, as time goes on, we all develop a style to our photos. Mine usually has a contrasty, warm, glow that I’m able to get in ON1 Effects. I don’t covert to B&W a lot. But if I ever do, I’m not a huge fan of Lightroom’s conversion, so I use ON1 Effects for that too.

Anyway, that’s been my workflow for the past 5 years. It was my workflow before I worked at ON1, it was my workflow while I worked at ON1, and it continues to be my workflow today. And I’m not alone. Because I used to work there, I know the stats… Thousands of photographers use Lightroom/Photoshop, but love ON1 Effects. So while developing a stand-alone raw editor (which a huge group of their customers want) was important, it’s also important to keep the ability to use ON1 Effects as a plug-in for people like me (LR/PS users).

The really nice thing about the upcoming ON1 Photo Raw (for those that’ll use it as a plug-in like me), is that Effects gets even faster and better. Because of how ON1 overhauled the entire architecture of their apps for raw, Effects gets a big speed boost, and takes advantage of some really cool under-the-hood features and improvements.

Anyway, I did this quick video below, that shows how I’ll use ON1 Photo Raw’s Effects module for that final finishing touch on my photos that start in Lightroom.

New Training Too

If you’ve pre-ordered Photo Raw, I’m doing  a few masterclasses on how to use it that you’ll get when it ships. One of the big ones I’m really excited about is called Lightroom and Photoshop with ON1 Photo Raw. That’s where I get to show how you can get the most out of LR/PS, as well as where, when, and why you’d jump over to ON1.

Also, next year, I signed on for 4 months throughout the year as an ON1 Plus guest coach. My goal for my time with the Plus members, is to be the person that helps bridge the gap between multiple apps. To show people who use Lightroom, Photoshop and ON1 like I do, how you can keep a good, clean, and fast workflow between all of ’em. Thanks!


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