Below is a quick Fall Photography photo from the 2nd Annual Great Smoky Mountains Photo Summit I taught at last week (more photos and write up coming later this week). You probably remember me email blasting you over and over again about my Ultimate Lightroom Course last month 🙂 (sorry, gotta pay the bills). Well, one of the big bonus perks of joining up during that special launch week was that I was including 6 weeks of “Office Hours” videos. These were live weekly webcasts where anyone who purchased the course could join in (or send questions if you can’t join in) about the course.

The concept was to help complete the learning process, like in college, to give you a place to ask questions after you’ve watched the videos. Well, the Office Hours have been wildly successful and I’m happy to say that I’ve answered every question (live and online) that I get.

But this last week’s office hours was one of my favorites (and everyone else’s judging from the comments). So I figured I’d include a quick 10 minute clip from it to share with you since it’s got a cool photo edit from my workshop in the Great Smoky Mountains last week. Enjoy!



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