A Special Thanks and a Holiday Sale

I just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you get the chance to do some relaxing, enjoy your family & friends, some football, turkey, lots of food and a few of your favorite beverages. As a special thanks, we’ve jumped on the black Friday/Cyber Monday sales bandwagon (which actually seems to last a month these days don’t they?) 🙂

Anyway, we have two sales:

1) Ultimate Lightroom Course on sale for $149 (normally $254) Click Here for More Info

2) Lightroom Preset Collection on sale for $29 (normally $99) Click Here for More Info

Thanks for all of your support and for being an awesome group of people I get to share my photography and education with! Have a good one!


Lloyd Tarr

The Ultimate LIghtroom COurse is worth the $254 so it is a real bargain at $149. If you use Lightroom the this is must hove for you to learn about all the features.

Susan Mayne

Out of the 806 minutes how many are devoted to Printing? That’s what I need to learn about.

Matt K

The Section on printing is 88 minutes. Here’s the outline:

SECTION 10: Printing Your Photos (88 minutes)
1. Page Setup – Print Size and Borderless
2. Choosing a Layout Style
3. Creating custom layouts
4. Creating contact sheets and picture packages
5. Page options (text, watermarks, backgrounds)
6. Resolution, sharpening, and 16-bit printing
7. Color management: Paper and profiles (Super Important)
8. Color management: Soft Proofing Your Photos
9. Color management: Calibrating your screen
10. Printer settings
11. Let’s Print! Start to Finish
12. Print Brightness: My print is too dark! 
13. Creating cool print layouts
14. Saving as a JPEG and Lab Printing

Rob Bateman

A note to fellow photographers about Matt K’s Ultimate Lightroom course….. I have no association nor interest in Matt’s business; this is a genuine neutral comment:

I have purchased, and variably used, multiple books and training videos for Lightroom and Photoshop Elements over the years, and frankly found the Matt K Ultimate Lightroom Course to be the best for me….and by a great deal more than the others. I highly recommend it.

At first glance, the course content seems to be similar to others such as at Lynda.com. However, the practical layout, examples, concrete tips, and Matt’s style provide a very effective learning experience. In addition, I can attest that Matt’s promise of an advantage to easily find and review a topic/action is very real…..I have done so in the midst of using the LR Print module and needed to refer to a segment in the course.

I considered myself an “intermediate minus” experienced LR user before the course; in taking the course found that my awareness and skill was considerably less in context of the true potential of LR; and now think I am a true “intermediate plus” user. That is very subjective, my point is that I have made great progress from the Ultimate LR Course.

Good luck in your photography journey!!

Jeffrey Lane

Hi Matt:
Downloaded and installed you Ultimate Preset Collection. The presets are very cool and was a good learning op. for me on how to install presets so they work.

Best wishes to a safe and happy holiday season to you and your family.

Jeff Lane


I have learned a lot from your LR CC course and finally have all my photos in one place. Your presets are also very useful to me . Everything is fine with Lr but the Photoshop interface is giving me problems. The font is so small it’s almost unreadable even if I switch it to large . I don’t want to change my PC resolution. The UI has auto, 100% and 200% but those settings are too small or too large. I have googled this and seen many others complaining about it and wondering why Adobe has not done anything about it. Do you have any answer to this?

Tom N

This is by far the best and most complete course I have ever taken and I’ve taken a boatload. Don’t hesitate picking this up, it is a bargain.
If Matt ever does an Ultimate Photoshop course, I’ll be the first in line.

Joe B

I second Irene’s comments on the poor interface font size. The thin scroll bar is extremely difficult to use. Otherwise LR is outstanding, especially now that mobile is here


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