Advanced Lightroom Vignette Settings

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In this video we’ll look at the little-known and more advanced settings inside of Lightroom and Photoshop’s (Camera Raw) Vignette Effects.


  1. Joe Kostoss

    Thank you Matt. I use vignette quite often but never really toyed with the priority settings. I will have to try them on my photos.

  2. Joe Webster

    I appreciate the information. I now have some insights into the use of the vignette sliders that I haven’t used before.


  3. Ann

    Matt I’m using Lightroom CC and I don’t see these additional setting. Are they there or not?

  4. Martin Kirstein

    Thanks a lot. I learn something new every time I watch one of your videos. Would like to see more teaching on ON1 and Affinity photo

  5. Betty Girardeau

    Thanks, Matt. I had never paid attention to those little arrows in effects, though I do use vignetting frequently. This was so helpful and well described.

  6. Sheriff Kenny

    Thanks Matt. I really learned a lot from your video on vignetting..

  7. James Kennedy

    Matt, I had seen the post crop and vignetting option for a long time but didn’t quite understand it and did not take the time to search it out. Your video had opened that door for me now. I did subscribe to your basic course on Lightroom and I do recommend that too even if someone is self trained and consider themselves advanced beginner or intermediate. I do appreciate these videos you do.

  8. Christine Morgan

    Thanks Matt,

    Very interesting video – must admit I’d never appreciated the huge differences, and the reasons, so I’ll be giving vignettes a try from now on.

  9. Stan Parsons

    Good video Matt, however I have totally switched over to ON1 Photo RAW 2018.1. Is there any chance that you will be doing an ON1 version of Advanced Vignetting?

  10. Judith Nichols

    Thanks, Matt. I was just processing some vacation pictures, and I often add vignettes. However, I wasn’t sure about all the settings and did not know about “color priority”. This was helpful.

  11. francesca Shearcroft

    Never thought about this before.
    DId not appreciate it was there!!
    Great stuff.
    Thanks matt.

  12. Doug Testa

    Thanks for this video. Really good info and I am surely going to use it.

  13. Grace

    Very helpful tutorial! I always use vignetting but never knew exactly what these sliders actually do! Thanks so much!

  14. Larry Meyer

    Love your tutorials, Quite informative, Short and to the point, Thank You

  15. Hank H.

    Also posted on youtube page:

    In the back of my mind, I’ve always been concerned about my skies, Matt. they’re darker, sometimes, than I would want. Didn’t realize there were “priorities” in LR’s Post-crop vignette section. Now, you DO know I love the “big-softy” vignette in ON1’s Effects (*YOU* taught about THAT one :-), remember?…still sort of my favorite)… But, I’m going to have to revisit LR’s vignette process to see of I can get the vignette I want (like the “softy”) at the same time I preserve the deep, saturated blue sky in my landscapes…. Thanks, Matt, my NJ buddy!

    1. Matt K

      Hi Hank. Good to hear from you. I guess the main thing is that if you’re using ON1 Develop for your raw photos then you should stick there for your vignettes. Don’t go to another program just for that. I don’t use ON1 (I teach it, but personally I use Lightroom), so I use the vignettes there.

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