I’ve had a new workshop added to the schedule and a change to another one so I wanted to write a quick post to update you in case you’re able to attend any of them.

First, last month I wrote about a workshop I’m doing with Bill Fortney in Washington state (the Palouse region and Olympic National Park). The workshop was sold out almost as soon as it was announced, but a few people cancelled at the last minute, so there’s a few open spots. I think there’s two, but if you call and beg Bill I bet you can squeeze a third out of him, but that’s it. There’s simply not enough “personal” time for each person in the workshop if we take too many folks. Also, I just found out we’re going to be making a stop at Mt. Rainier for a day too. Can’t wait! Here’s a link to Bill’s site to find out more and contact him if you’re interested.

Next, I’m going to be helping out on a workshop shooting Colorado in the fall with Tom Bol and George Theodore. This area is supposed to be beautiful this time of year, and any workshop with Tom and George is a great workshop. There’s only room for 15 photographers total, and it’s very close to being full so jump on it if you’re thinking of going. Here’s the description from their website:

“Glowing aspen and blazing scrub oak, clear crisp days, snow in the mountains as background, Colorado’s fall is spectacular and its greatest show is the San Juan Range in the Southwestern part of the state. You’ll be dazzled by the colorful display of foilage. At this time of year, with the lower angle of the sun, we can shoot almost any time of the day. Using the small community of Ouray – surrounded on three sides by 13,000 foot snow covered peaks – as our base, we’ll cover several shooting locations in all directions including the ever popular Last Dollar Road to Telluride.”

I hear over and over again that these multi-day workshops really help catapult people’s photography and post-processing skills so I hope that I can meet you at one of them. Thanks! 🙂


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