Big news in the ON1 world, and really, photo-editing world as well. I’m so psyched to announce ON1 Photo Raw (click here to go to the ON1 site for more details) It’s the next generation of ON1 apps, and it all revolves around a lightning fast browser and raw photo editor. It’s something we’ve been working on for a while now, and probably the top request we get from ON1 customers.

Here’s the deal. For a while, I’ve been touting ON1 Browse as the way I’ve been viewing most of my photo shoots. It’s just a simple fast way to view photos from a shoot because it doesn’t have an import process and there’s no cataloging to be done. Just point it at a folder on your computer or hard drive, and you instantly see all of the photos. But what’s been missing for me, is a quick way to edit them. Until ON1 Photo Raw, there’s no raw photo editor. Enhance is a great app for basic edits, but I usually end up using Browse to find my favorites and then importing them right in to Lightroom for editing. Then back to ON1 to finish with styling in Effects, or any portrait retouching.

So you can see the problem. If I, as well as other ON1 customers, use the apps in the beginning and the end of the workflow, there’s definitely something missing in between. That’s where Raw comes in. Now you get the lightning fast browser, raw photo editing, and the effects for styling in one place.

I did a quick video below where I talk a little more about it. But this is big. One of the things I think I’ve always prided myself on is getting in front of audiences (whether it’s live or online) and listening to what you’re saying. And I use that feedback, bring it back, and develop content and training to help you out. Well, I’m using the same idea here with the ON1 apps. I’ve heard what ON1 users are saying, and I’ve watched in my workshops what everyone is doing and how they use the apps. So I’ve been personally and closely involved in the development of this next generation of apps.

In a way, they’re developing the apps and workflow that I want. But I feel like I’ve been really close to our audience, and using your voice as well – so in a sense, I really believe it’s the apps and workflow that you guys want as well. We just need the conversation to keep going to we can make sure we get the features you want.

Stay tuned for more. Sadly, we’re still months away from really getting this new version, because I want to start using it now. But you can always stop by here, or check out the ON1 website to get updated. Thanks, and Have a good one!


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