Hey there… I’m heading to Alaska on Sunday for a bear photography trip! I’m so excited. I’ve never taken a photo of a bear before (well, other than a cell phone snap while vacationing in Tennessee). So I want to make this a useful trip for both me and you.

How the Trip Came Up?

Years ago, I co-taught some landscape workshops with a good friend of mine, Tom Bol. Since I’ve stopped doing most travel workshops, I often get asked if I know of any good ones. And everyone that asks me knows I say the same thing…

“Take a workshop from Tom Bol… you will never find a more knowledgable teacher that’s so enthusiastic about teaching you everything he knows.”.

I’m serious!… and that includes me. Tom is what I strive to be whenever I teach a workshop and I typically will always come up short, because he’s that good. He works tirelessly around the clock, with a smile on his face 100% of the time, to make sure you get a great experience. Anyway, I’m taking his upcoming workshop next week in Alaska. This will be the first time I get to go to a workshop just for me and I can’t wait.

What Are Your Questions?

I’d love to do a trip recap when I get back, so I thought I’d ask your questions ahead of time. What would you like to see? I can record some video while I’m there, but what exactly would help? I don’t want to lead your questions, so just think of whatever it is you want to know and comment below. That way, I can be prepared ahead of time and hopefully come back with lots of great info.

Interested in this Type of Workshop?

If you’re interested in this type of workshop, check out Tom’s website. This one of course sold out very quickly, and he’s already filling up for next year. Tom has been trying to get me to come out to this area for 10 years, and he promises it is an extremely special place and a great experience. So I’d snag one of the last spots for next year if you’re considering it.


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