A little while back B&H Photo contacted me to see if I’d be interested in doing an interview about my switch to Sony. I was a little apprehensive at first because I don’t ever want anyone to think they need to switch camera systems to get good photos. I honestly believe that I (and you) can take amazing photos with any camera. I think we’ll all agree that it matters WAY more what you choose to put your camera in front of, as well as the lighting and composition that you choose for the photo.

First, here’s a link to the interview if you want to skip all of this. It’s a fairly quick read. Probably not more than 5 minutes.

Anyway, I realized that being a little cautious about telling the story, was exactly the reason I needed to tell the story. If I don’t, then it’s left up to everyone else to fill in the blanks of why the switch happened. And I never would want anyone to think the switch happened because I think I can take a better photo with one camera than another (which believe or not, people really do ask me).

Anyway, I’m really glad I did. From the first minute that Jill (the editor at B&H) contacted me, I felt really comfortable. What you’ll read isn’t a transcript of an interview (those always seem kinda boring to me when they’re written), but more of a short story. And Jill had such a wonderful way of mixing quotes from me, with other bits of info.

So Why Did the Switch To Sony Happen?

I’m not going to give away too much here, because obviously the reason for this post is to get you to go read the interview. But I’ll say it’s a mix between the quality of the camera, the features that I like, the size, as well as some intangible things about Sony that meant a lot to me as an educator. And that last point is a really important one for me.

Random Fact: The main cover photo for this blog post is the first “portfolio” photo I ever took with a Sony camera. Meaning it’s the first shot I took, that I included in my personal portfolio

Who Really Cares?

Folks you can read this and think “Bah! Who cares about this dude’s switch! With all that’s going on in the world, it has absolutely no impact on me. I’m happy with my gear and I don’t care who’s switching to what!”.

And if that’s you, no worries. Stop reading now. But like it or not, people are switching to mirrorless systems in droves. It’s one of the most popular questions I get asked at ANY workshop I teach. So for me, I want to set the record straight and explain it. Not to mention, people love gear. You can’t fight it. You can’t tell them not to love gear. It’s just a fact. If you’re in to photography, you’re a little techie… and if you’re a little techie in nature, then you love gear. It’s okay to wonder about other gear just… well… because 🙂

Thanks for dropping by. Here’s a link to the interview. It’s probably only a 5 minute read so it won’t take too long.


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