It doesn’t get much bigger over at ON1. Long before I was there, each year around this time, ON1 announced the newest version of their apps. So I’m really proud to say that Photo 10 is now official.

This is a really cool time for me to see because I feel like I had a bigger part in this version of the apps. See, back when I left KelbyOne last year, a lot of people asked if I was going to stop teaching to be a “software guy”? That probably couldn’t be further from what I was really going to do at ON1. I’m a teacher at heart and I’m always going to be one, but was just going to do that at another place. But honestly, the thought of really having a say in the newest version of the apps was definitely something I looked forward to.

Sure, Adobe was always great about getting feedback from photographers about how to improve the software. In fact, for as big a company as they are, they always made every person they asked for feedback from, feel important. But this was a little different. I was going to be a part of the company that makes the software and have a direct line to helping improve it based on what I hear from the people I teach. I was actually going to have a real direct impact.

Anyway, hopefully that helps give a little insight in to why this is a big release for me personally. I won’t re-write all of the stuff over on the ON1 website. Everything about the new features and pricing is there. Plus, there’s some really cool pre-order benefits and some really comprehensive training from me. Not on just the ON1 apps, but also how to incorporate them in your workflow if you use Lightroom and/or Photoshop.

Oh yeah, by the way… it’s $89 for everyone. New, upgrade, whoever. It’s actually less than any new/upgrade price ON1 had last year, which is nice. And way less than any other similar suite of apps out there.

What About the Name?

Oh yeah, there’s a slight name change but it really shouldn’t bother anyone. The official name used to be Perfect Photo 10 (or 9, 8, 7, etc…). But we’ve dropped the “perfect”. We realized people called it ON1 Photo anyway, so why not just make it easier for them and make that the name. I run in to people all the time and they say “I use ON1…” or “I use ON1 Photo 9” or something like that. So now that’s the official name 🙂

Thanks for swinging by today. I hope you’ll check out the brand new ON1 Photo 10 here. Have a good one!


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