A friend let me know of a spot that has 3 baby owls that have recently started “branching”. So just in case any of you are like me, and didn’t know what branching was, it’s a common behavior where birds move from the nest to a branch, and start flapping their wings to strengthen the flight muscles.

Now, when I said it, even though I had never heard it before, you can almost guess what it is especially when you see it happen. It all makes sense.

These baby owls have definitely been at it for a while because they flew from branch to branch pretty easily with a few mis-steps here and there. The light was pretty good when I got there, but then clouds came in and it just got “blah”. It was dark and I had to crank up the ISO and everything was just flat with a white sky behind it. But hey, this was my first baby owl photo, so I couldn’t go home until I had something worth sharing. And I thought this photo of the owl “branching” was a great start.

But Matt… how do you not know what “Branching” is?

Here’s the deal. I’m going to reveal something. I like bird photography. But I don’t consider myself a birder. I simply enjoy the challenge and enjoy getting out and using my camera. Truth be told, it pretty much ends there. Now, that doesn’t mean that won’t change for me later in life. I think we all develop various appreciations and hobbies as life goes on. But for me, I honestly don’t care what the name of the bird is, what species it is, what the different terms are, etc… I just enjoy the challenge of photographing and editing wildlife.

So when people use lingo, and names of birds, etc… I usually have no idea what they’re talking about. I get better each month just by the nature of doing it – but I don’t actively study this stuff and I don’t have the desire to (right now in my life). Case in point… to me, this is an owl. What kind you ask? I have no idea 😉 Well, now I do. It’s a baby Great Horned Owl but I only know that because I googled it because I had to write this post.

So there you have it. For better or worse, this is just another example of just how little I know 😉


Sony Alpha 1 | 840mm | f/5.6 | 1/1600th | ISO 4000 – Editing in Lightroom and Topaz DeNoise

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