First off, thanks so much for all of the great comments on the Norway photos from my post yesterday. I really appreciate it! Next, I saw a few questions about gear, here on the blog as well as on Twitter, social media, etc… so I wanted to cover it here.

Here’s what I took:

Camera Body
• Nikon D800

• Nikon 16-35mm lens (for the wide stuff)
Tamron 24-70 lens
• Nikon 28-300 (for general walking around and some tighter landscape photos)

That’s the wonderful thing about landscape photography. We don’t need a ton of gear and lenses. Honestly, I could probably have gotten away with just the 28-300mm for most of the trip. It is just a bit slow and harder to focus in low light (and I was out in the dark a lot), and while it’s sharp I just feel that the 16-35 and 24-70 perform so well on the wide angle end, that I felt I needed to have them.

I’ve become really dependent on my larger Really Right Stuff TVC-33 tripod and BH-55 ballhead. It ain’t light though. And it’s not exactly easy to travel with. But knowing I was going to be outside a lot, up on windy hills and along the water I wanted to make sure I had tack-sharp photos and the only way to do that is with a sturdy tripod. I pack the tripod and ballhead in my checked luggage though, and only pull it out when I’m going out to shoot. I’ve had a lot of people ask if I’m worried about it getting stolen by anyone handling luggage, but I’ve got to figure they come across way better things during the day then a big tripod 🙂

When I go on a trip like this, I usually travel with the Think Tank Airport Airstream bag and then pack a smaller bag to carry around once I get there. But for this trip, since I packed so light and wanted to cut down on bags, I fit everything into my Vanuard Adaptor backpack and carried that through the airport and around Norway. It was a tight fit, but it’s sure nice to travel light and not roll around a huge camera bag everywhere you go.

• I brought my trusty Lee Big Stopper 10-stop ND filter
• B&W Circular Polarizer
• Tiffen 3-stop and 6-stop ND
• (no I don’t use split or graduated ND filters)

Miscellaneous Things
Vello remote cable release
Hoodman Lens Cleanse
• Lexar 32GB CF Cards
• Microfiber cloths


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