Coming Clean on What I Really Do With My Photos

Recently I had a MAJOR revelation about photography and what most people enjoy about it. It’s something that, as I think back over the years, people have been telling me over and over again in subtle ways – but I never paid attention. Lately, as I was...

Thoughts About Open Critiques or Feedback

I’m probably not alone when I see many people on social media or various websites post a photo and ask for open feedback or critiques. You may have even done it before. For me, I’ve been very vocal that I would never just ask the public for feedback, and I...
Are You Photo Collecting in Photography

Are You Photo Collecting in Photography

I’ve got a question for you and please feel free to leave your thoughts below. As I was prepping for my “Inside the Composition” course that I just released, I realized this was a great time to write about it. I’d love to see a good...

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