Normally this webcast on Wednesday would be only for ON1 Plus members, but I went to the big-wigs at ON1 and asked if we could make it free for everyone. So that’s just what we’re doing. This Wednesday at 12pm (Eastern Time), I’m doing a post-trip recap of my trip to Iceland last month. Here’s the link to sign up.

I’m hoping to do two things with this webcast:

  1. Answer your questions – this trip wasn’t a professional excursion. I wasn’t on assignment shooting for a magazine. I was a tourist. It was a bunch of photography friends that decided to put their money together and take a (as affordable as possible) trip to Iceland to go shoot. But when I started posting about this trip I got a ton of questions. And not just questions about Iceland itself. If you’re going to Iceland, I do have a ton of info for you. But I’m thinking bigger picture here. Just about everyone travels somewhere, and there’s a lot of thought that goes in to that travel when you want to add photography to the mix. So I have a lot of answers to some questions that I think will help no matter where your travels take you.
  2. Educate and Inspire – I’ll also take you through some of my photos and do some post-processing. I’ll be up front with you on this one though… the light wasn’t always great. Our trip started on a Sunday and everyone’s flight back home was the following Sunday. So basically, we were going to be shooting consistently no matter how good or bad the light was. So you’ll see me do my best to bring out the great parts of the photos, even though the light wasn’t always cooperating with us.
  3. Gear – everyone loves gear right. Well, I went super minimal on this one and I’ll touch on how I wish I went even more minimal and what I’d do different next time. I also got a lot of questions about my Sony gear, so I’ll touch on that too. I’ll go over what I brought, how it held up and all that fun stuff.

So…Bring your questions! This isn’t about showing off photos from my trip. This is about education! Whether you’re traveling to Iceland or not, this webinar will help your photography.

(Note: The webcast will be recorded and posted to the ON1 Plus member website. So if you’re a Plus member and you can’t make it, you can always watch after. And if you’re not a Plus member, what are you waiting for?. It’s less than $5 / month and I’m on there every day answering questions and posting videos. If you want to know where I’m doing the majority of my teaching these days, this is it.)


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