Last week I posted about 7 tips to help scout locations for landscape photographers. Well, one of the blog readers (All I have of their name is their profile which reads “Missingfingers”), posted a link to a cool resource to help see cloud cover. It’s called SkippySky Astro Weather forecast. It’s actually meant to help see what the cloud cover will be like for astronomers, and anyone who wants to see the sky at night. But even if you’re not shooting at night, it can still help you figure out what the clouds will be like.

Here’s an example of the Southeast map.

The site itself isn’t flashy, and there’s a few things you could miss if you didn’t know they were there. 1) First off, after you focus in on the region you’re in, there’s links below each region that let you see various things like low, middle, or high clouds, temperature, pressure, etc…

2) Below that are links that let you jump forward a number of hours (+6, +9, +12, etc…). It looks pretty cool so I’m anxious to try it out. I’ve been pretty busy gearing up for Photoshop World next week (click here to see my classes), but I’m hoping to get out and shoot soon.

Enjoy and have a good one!


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