Hey everyone. Last week I did a free webinar over at onOne Software called The 5 Golden Rules for Editing Your Landscape Photos. In the webcast I mentioned that I have some presets I use for clouds in onOne’s Perfect Effects (not in Lightroom). I was going to email them out, but it’s probably easier to just post them here rather than clog up everyone’s inbox. So…

1) Here’s a link to the webcast if you want to watch it.
2) Here’s a link to download the presets. To install, first unzip the file you just downloaded (do not try to use the zip file, it won’t work). Then open Perfect Effects, go to the top menu under Preset > Import Presets and choose the presets you just unzipped. You’ll find 3 different versions of the cloud presets under the Presets tab on the left hand side.

NOTE: Again, make sure you unzip the zip file or this won’t work 🙂

Enjoy and Have a good one!


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