Coming Soon! The ON1 System and a Free Bonus Video

Hey there! I’m in the process of developing a huge training system for the latest version of ON1 Photo 2018. It’ll be done for the first week in December, but I thought I’d give you a quick peak at one of the topics I covered in the Section on ON1 Effects. Heck… it’s even a question I had for a while…

Why are some settings duplicated in Develop and Effects?

Ever notice that there’s some of the same adjustments in Develop as there is in Effects? Things like Black and White or Glow, or Vignettes? So where are you supposed to do those adjustments? In Develop or Effects? What’s the difference? What’s the best workflow? Those are all questions I answered in this first Bonus Video.

Also, stay tuned for more info on the ON1 Training System. If you’re not already part of my email community, then make sure you sign up here. You’ll get first crack at the system and a big discount as well.




Well done Matt. I like the seperation idea you have between develop and effect. Kind of like LR, develop, then use a plugin to enhance. Looks like ON1 may have potential to unseat LR.

Susan Burt

Really looking forward to this On1 System! Though I’m a long time Lightroom user, the cataloging has been something I’ve struggled with (basically when changing drives, computers, etc.). I have your LR system but have gotten into trouble with catalogs in the past. On1 has come such a long way and I’m enjoying learning it. Cannot wait for your new video training on this!

James K

I’ve been using On1 Raw since it’s introduction leaving Lightroom behind. This was an excellent explanation of the difference betwen Develope and Effects. I always wondered about these differences!! Thanks Matt……..BTW, I do have you Lightroom and Photoshop Course – Yours is the best training and I’m really glad to see you offer non-Adobe training!! Can’t wait for this training.

Al Wyman

Hi Matt,
Is it just me or is there more of a delay when moving the sliders in ON 1 2018 then in Lightroom. In LR the sliders seem to respond as soon as they are moved, where in ON1 there is a slight delay between moving the slider and the action happening. I’m running Windows 10, on SS drive, with 32 GB of ram.

Alton K

Hi Matt

Thanks for the sneak peak of your upcoming On1 training course. I am looking forward to learning more about this product and how to best incorporate it into my post production workflow. I’ve always loved your teaching style so thanks again!

David W.

I’ve always been a semi good photographer but didn’t really know how to use the various photo development programs out there. Matt’s tutorial videos have been informative, insightful and have caused me to spend $!:) I recently upgraded my IMAC and have been trialing On1 Raw 2018. I’ve tried Lightroom and photoshop briefly in the past and it seemed confusing to me, so I put my ‘hobby’ on the side. Now, I have this renewed interest in developing my skills and am thankful that On1 has kindled my interest. I watch the tutorials and then think, “oh yea, that is exactly what I had envisioned for my photo!” I am looking forward to watching future educational videos by your company. Kudus, Matt! Keep up the good work. Education and training is all about sparking an interest…..and your company does a great job at this!

Randy T

Great news Matt! I have taken your Lightroom and Photoshop courses in the past and are the best video training I have seen. Not only very informative/educational, but your customer service and student relationship is excellent. Thanks for your hard work on these programs. I very much look forward to your On1 course as I have made the switch from LR to On1 because I didn’t want to do the monthly subscription and was using On1 as a plugin anyway.


This is great news and could not come at a better time. Thanks for the bonus video. I’m a die hard fan of your training systems (having purchased both your LR and PS courses) and looking very forward to this one! I am anxious to get a head start with ON1 2018 in the event I decide to jump ship from Adobe! I hope you might include a video on the process of: “switching from LR to ON1 Photo Raw 2018”!


Can’t wait Matt Been a big fan of your teaching methods. I have purchased your Photoshop and Lightroom system coarse. I am also an On1 Plus member and have decided to drop my Adobe CC membership and stay with On1 as Lightroom was freezing up on my computer. I have been using Elements, and for my needs I have decided it would be good enough with On1. So I am really looking forward to this coarse.


Loved this! It was so helpful. I have been struggling with my ON1 workflow and this clears up a lot of things. Thanks so much!

Bill Schiesl

Hi Matt,
I am a beginner in photo editing.
It would be nice if instructors (everyone seems to do this) would add more explanation as you make changes to a photo. For example, when you change highlights or shadows explain why your doing it and show them what’s happening to the picture. Many times I can’t even see the changes because I don’t understand what to look for and why it’s being done. Anyway, that would be helpful for me.

Like your training videos & books



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