Hey there! I’m in the process of developing a huge training system for the latest version of ON1 Photo 2018. It’ll be done for the first week in December, but I thought I’d give you a quick peak at one of the topics I covered in the Section on ON1 Effects. Heck… it’s even a question I had for a while…

Why are some settings duplicated in Develop and Effects?

Ever notice that there’s some of the same adjustments in Develop as there is in Effects? Things like Black and White or Glow, or Vignettes? So where are you supposed to do those adjustments? In Develop or Effects? What’s the difference? What’s the best workflow? Those are all questions I answered in this first Bonus Video.

Also, stay tuned for more info on the ON1 Training System. If you’re not already part of my email community, then make sure you sign up here. You’ll get first crack at the system and a big discount as well.



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