Photoshop’s Patch tool is probably one of the more powerful tools we have for retouching and removing distractions in photos. It’s something that Lightroom (or Camera Raw) doesn’t have, and it really helps out when you’re trying to fix larger areas in your photos.

The problem we sometimes get with the Patch tool though, is that it leaves behind a little seam between the areas you’re fixing, and the rest of the photo around them. That’s where this tip comes in. There’s a very-little-talked-about setting for the Patch tool that helps blend those areas better and we’ll cover it in this quick 4-minute video.

Also, I’m putting the finishing touches on my brand new Photoshop System training video that’s coming up at the end of March. It’s not just a course on Photoshop. It’s a full system, created from the ground up, to learn Photoshop for a Lightroom (or Camera Raw) user. You can sign up to stay in touch about the release right here. You’ll get some free bonus videos as we get closer, as well as a huge discount during the launch week.



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