Hi there. If you’re a Topaz user or have purchased my Topaz Deep Dive course, then there’s some big news for you this month.

First… Topaz has announced their Black Friday sale early. You can save around 60% off their Image Quality bundle (includes DeNoise, Sharpen, Gigapixel and the new Photo AI).

Whether you’re a new customer, or renewing your license at some point, this is the best time to do it.

1. How to Get the Sale?

Below are some links (sorry, no coupons for this sale). I do get a small affiliate commission if you use my links. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, or take any more time. And it helps me keep the kids in college and maybe even a present or two from Santa for them 😉

I kindly ask that you use this link to purchase. If you do, I even have a gift for you (read Step 2 below).

STEP ONE: Click Here for the Black Friday Sale Prices. For most photography, you’re looking for the “Enhance Images” bundle which includes their Image Quality apps. $159 is a GREAT price for all of them!

NOTE: If it’s a little confusing on what to purchase, scroll down and watch my quick 2 minute video.

STEP TWO: After you make the purchase, then return to this page and CLICK HERE. Fill out the form with your email address and order number from Topaz.

On December 5th at 12pm Eastern Time, I’m going to host a free exclusive webinar for you, and the topic will be my Adobe / Topaz Wildlife Photography workflow. This will also be recorded, so if you can’t make it you’ll get the replay automatically. You’ll receive an email reminder the day before the webinar as well.

2. Topaz Deep Dive Course Sale (Save 35%)

If you haven’t purchased my Topaz Deep Dive course, then I’m also running a sale on it this month. The course has just been updated too. This is the software I use for my low light wildlife photography and it works wonders. People always ask me how my high ISO photos are so clean and this is my secret.

Click Here to Find Out More About the Course

3. Topaz Deep Dive Course Update

Next up, I have totally updated my Topaz Deep Dive course to include the latest versions of their Image Quality Bundle. This includes DeNoise, Sharpen, Gigapixel and the newly released all-in-one Photo AI.

Getting the course update is simple. If you download the course, you can click the My Account button in the top right and go to your Dashboard > Downloads and re-download the course. The download has already been replaced with the newest version. Feel free to delete your old course download.

If you watch online, just click My Account and go to your Dashboard > My Online Courses. Navigate to the Topaz course and it is already updated with the new videos.

Confused? Watch This…


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