Editing a Fall Photo & Fall Photo Makeover Webinar

Hey there! First, I’m doing a FREE Fall Photo Makeover Webinar next week, where I invite you to send in your photos and give me a crack at ’em to edit live (yes it will be recorded too). Here are two links you’ll need:

  1. Sign Up Here (it’s free)
  2. Submit your UNEDITED photos here. I prefer your Raw or DNG photo. If you send a JPG just make sure you reset your settings. I’ve done enough of these that I can spot edited photos 🙂

A Start to Finish Video

To get you in the mood, I thought I’d share a start-to-finish of one of my photos from my trip. If I’ve never told you, the fall is one of my favorite times to get out and shoot. Living in Florida, it’s not the easiest thing to do, so I usually have to travel somewhere to do it. This year, I was lucky enough to get away for a few days to Vermont and photograph the colors. While there were pockets of good color, they weren’t quite at peak when I was there. But, as you’ll see in the video below, with a little bit of Lightroom love we can help.

It occurred to me that many of you would also have fall photos that you are editing too, so I thought it would be a good time to do a Fall Photo Makeover webinar.

Date – November 15th

Time – 12:00 Eastern time

Click Here to Register

If you have fall photos that you’d like to submit for the webinar you can upload them here. Please upload unedited photos only please. I’ll select a few photos and edit them live during the webinar. Please note I will select a few of the photos and will not be editing every photo uploaded.


Barry Park

Having spent so much time watching your webinars and videos in the past which has had a profound influence on my work flow I could almost feel I was doing it with you.

Really enjoyed the presentation watching you make the image come alive.


Matt, I uploaded far too many for you to edit but I wanted to share fall colors with you from Tn and Al,

Ralph Vasquez

Hope you have this webinar again, I get great processing idea from your videos, thanks. I can’t make the 15th.

Kim Leether

I am looking forward to your upcoming Fall Webinar. Do you have any idea of approximate time that this will be running until?

Mary (Bernie) Ryan

Hey Matt, will the video from your webinar tomorrow be available on this website? I registered but just found out I have to take my Mom to the dentist. Really want to see it!

Michael Gegner

Hi Matt,
I missed you webinar on Editing Fall Photo, I was traveling out to California that day. Is there any way I can catch a re=play?

Mike Gegner


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