I was really psyched to find out my hot air balloon photo made the Editor’s Choice section in the latest Photography Masterclass Magazine. A while back I was out in San Diego at a Sony Alpha event and got a chance to take a hot air balloon ride with some of the new Sony gear. I wrote about it on the blog here, with some other photos, but the one that got picked as Editor’s Choice was my favorite.

I think part of it was the anticipation if I’d ever get the shot. We were over a golf course, and I could see the other hot air balloon at various places next to us. Of course I have many photos where there’s nothing but a golf course below.


Anyway, as you can imagine it was a very pleasant surprise to get contacted by Photography Masterclass magazine that my photo made one of the Editor’s Choice photos. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a great looking e-magazine with really nice layouts. And the photography in it is gorgeous. Lots of great inspiration and articles. And they even gave me a link to share with a 3-month free subscription so just click here to find out more.

Here’s a couple of screen captures from the on my iPad.

editchoice1 editchoice2


Thanks again to everyone at Photography Masterclass. If you want to grab a few free issues, here’s a link for ya’! Have a good one!


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