Hey everyone. I’m just heading home after spending a day in New York for PhotoPlus East. I had a great session at the KelbyOne booth yesterday and a huge thanks to everyone who came out. I look around me at one point and there were people filling up all of the isles watching. I was like “Holy crap!”. So cool to see and I really appreciate it.

Not Just the Leaves Changing

I’ve got a quick photo/story to show you but first, I wanted to let you know about some news of me leaving KelbyOne. I’ve been traveling like crazy and haven’t been able to post much. I can’t tell the whole story here because I’m about to board a plane, but I’ll have a full update next week. But, I’ve taken a position as Vice President of Photography at onOne Software. It’s a great thing, I’m extremely happy, and everyone on all sides of this move have been super supportive about the news. Again, more on it next week when I have a few minutes to breath and actually write a full post.

The Leave Are Changing in Central Park Though

I did manage to go out shooting with two good buds of mine, Hudson Henry and Brian Matiash. We got there in time for sunrise but it wasn’t a really pretty one. We had high hopes because the day before, we had seen some shots of the sunrise and the sky was freakin’ crazy beautiful. But yesterday morning… not so much. Bare sky, no atmosphere and it really made it hard to appreciate the colors in the park. Fall colors actually look a little better when there’s some overcast skies, and atmosphere in the air. But it just wasn’t in the cards that morning. I had to post something for my trip though, so here’s the shot. As usual, if you’re out shooting with friends it’s always worth it. We don’t get to see each other much, so the camaraderie more than made up for the lack of interesting sunrise.

(click to see it larger)

Anyway, hopefully next week I can get back on my feet after traveling so much and post some photos. I’ve had a few good chances to shoot lately so I’m psyched to share some photos and stories. Have a good one! 🙂


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