My Favorite Tool for Styling Photos in Photoshop

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In this video we’re going to look at one of the ways I add style to my photos with Color Lookup Tables (LUTs). At the same time, you’ll learn a blend mode trick that works for any layer if it ever gets to be too much for your photos and a quick way to tone it down.


  1. Gary Edwards

    I like your style and way of teaching. I will certainly have to get one of your courses. Also, I was talking to a friend of yours who told me to say hello – Jim Welinski and he stuck out his tongue too.

  2. Dennis Zito

    Hey Matt,

    Wow, Great info on color blend mode! Love the way you explained it. I’ve always wondered what it did … now I know. So, what happens if you click on Luminousity Blend mode? Does it just affect the Luminousity like the Color Blend mode? Could you do a tutorial on that?

    Once again, thanks for the Great info!


  3. marc labro

    amazing trick !
    in 2017 i had seen your previous post with your psd and stopped there.
    now on win10 i can visualize lut on my image just with arrow keys and enjoy the color blend mode trick

    kind regards

  4. marc labro

    several people voted to add gradient map (for deep black and white like Jim Welninski ones) and lut in on1 photoraw.
    let’s hope they will implement…

    kind regards

  5. marc labro

    Where are the abstract lut on win10 ?
    for instance, at end of greg benz tuto he is using a blue tone abstract lut on his b&w retouching and i can’t find it :

    i looked into c:\windows\system32…
    and c:\program files\common files,…
    and they are not available


  6. Dean Malencik

    Looking forward to your releasing of your lookup tables. Keep us posted

  7. Nath kaplan

    Matt, maybe you can do a quick tip video on when to use LUT vs Gradient maps and the pros and cons.


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