Woo hoo!!! Tomorrow is the big day for the Photoshop System launch. I released another free bonus video about selections. It’s free to watch and download, and it’s yours to keep. If you haven’t signed up for updates, make sure you swing by this page and put your email in. And if you’re not sure, just put it in – the system will get rid of duplicates automatically.

So What’s It All About?

There’s so many different selection tools in Photoshop and I think it gets a little daunting to know which one does what. So, in this 19 minute video, I went through the tools and examples of where each one fits in. I start pretty simple, with the basic marquee and lasso tools. I don’t use ’em much for important things, but I did show where they come in handy once in a while. And then I moved to the better tools like Quick Selection, as well as the Select > Color Range and Select > Focus Area tools under the select menu. Plus, I show that the Select and Mask (formerly Refine Edge) dialog box is the thing that brings all of these tools together.

So far, the feedback has been amazing. I’ve gotten emails from people all day saying this video alone finally helped them understand selections in Photoshop. The video is below, but you need to go to this page to download it. Plus, there’s a free PDF Cheat Sheet guide that you can refer back to. Both downloads are right below the video on this page. Enjoy!


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