Everyone has the things (both little and big) that they change and customize right away when they get a new camera. Well, about 2 months ago I got my new Sony A7Riii, so I thought I’d share the things I changed as soon as I turned it on. Now, a video like this could go in a hundred different directions based on what you shoot. For me, I shoot mostly landscape and nature – so that’s where I’m coming from in this video and what most of my settings are based off of. It doesn’t cover anything for portraits or video shooters, but I’m sure some settings would apply to anyone.

Also, while this is mostly for my Sony camera, I think you’ll find some settings like Bracket Order and Screen Brightness (among others) are on a lot of other cameras too. Anyway, I hope you enjoy and maybe get an idea or two for some settings you’d change on your camera.

Have a good one!


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