Last week I did a dedicated video on the Sony Alpha 1’s 30 Frames Per Second (FPS) feature (link). This week I wanted to share my first thoughts on the bird eye auto focus feature.

NOTE: Download sample photo is no longer available.

One thing I keep getting asked about is how the Bird Eye Focus does with birds in flight. I didn’t talk much about it in this video but I’ll probably do another separate post on it. To me, in flight is actually the last of all bird photos where I need bird eye auto focus. Most modern cameras can do a good job of tracking a bird in flight and in most cases, the bird is never close enough to you that focus on the eye or wing matters much (not all, but most). Basically, where ever it focussed at these distanced and f-stops, it’ll be in focus. Anyway, when I want bird eye auto focus is when they’re perched and I used to need to quickly change from my flight focus to something to capture them perched in a tree (because continuous auto focus wasn’t always the best option, especially if I was able to get close to a perched bird). Again, stay tuned for more on this topic and I’ll be able to demonstrate it better. Thanks!


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