Over the weekend I released a new preset pack for ON1 Photo Raw – Dramatic Black and White Presets (Nature Photo Edition). It was based on looking through some photos and working on some ways to take some of the blah light I had, and really accentuating the subject with a dramatic black and white conversion.

I’ve always felt the key to a good black and white was finding a photo where the “light” is the star of the show. I’ve never been a fan of just saying “Well, the light sucked, so convert to B&W”. A great black and white is more than that. I think a great black and white photo is one where the light does the talking (what’s lit, as well as what’s not lit). It just happens that many (not all) of those circumstances seem to happen during some inclement weather for me.

Why I Created Them?

So, a few weeks ago I had to go to Seattle to teach a few classes. My wife and I went out a couple of days early and spent some time in Olympic National Park. But, the weather wasn’t great. So I ended up with some photos that, as a color photo, didn’t quite match what I was hoping. But as I experimented with some black and white conversions, they took on a whole new life (examples below). Keep in mind… these are meant to be dramatic and dark. That’s the whole point.

Anyway, I’ve got a couple of my favorite ones from the preset pack for you for free. You can download them, and you don’t even have to give me your email or anything else to do it. But, I’d sure appreciate you signing up for my email community anyway – I promise I don’t email a lot, and I make it worth it for you with lots of free stuff 🙂

Free Download (Click here)

(Click here to see how to install ON1 Presets and don’t forget to Unzip the file first)
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Examples (Original Raw photos – no editing applied besides the preset)

Dramatic Mountain Preset

Dramatic Soft Conversion (works great on flowers)

The Full ON1 Photo Raw Preset Pack

And if you’re interested, there’s a launch special on the preset pack with 30% off. There’s a quick video below, and you can click here to see more before/after’s. Thanks for stopping by. Have a good one!


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