A while back B&H Photo invited me (and others) to give my thoughts on getting better and more accurate color in your photos. The article is called “From Start to Finish: How to Get More Accurate Color From Your Images“. It’s definitely worth a read if you haven’t seen it. You’ll get a few different viewpoints and ways that various photographers work with color. Aside from just me, John Paul Caponigro, Moose Peterson, and Jeremy Cowart are all included in the article as well. When it all comes down to it I think the article will do two things for you:

    1) Confuse you if you’re looking for a set formula on working with color 🙂
    2) Show you that everyone sees color differently. It’s a VERY subjective thing. The ways that I work with color are probably very different than the way that Moose, JP, Jeremy or yourself works and thinks about color.

When it comes down to it, I think reading up and learning as much as you can helps. But, in the end, I think you take all of that info, see who’s thoughts make the most sense to you, and develop your own tastes for how you work with and see color in your photos. Have a great weekend!


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