A Fun Way to Add Vignettes in ON1 Photo

Here’s a fun and unique way to add a vignette to your photos in ON1 Photo 2018. I don’t use it on all of my photos but when I want a little more control and a better look, it’s a go-to trick of mine.


Johan Buyse

I like what you do Matt, You learned me a lot of new stuff, go on please (from a guy in Belgium)


My complaint about the vignette presets in ON1 is not being able to fine tune the placement–e.g., tilting the shape to create a diagonal vignette. This alternative fixes that. Thanks.

David Price

Hi Matt

Obviously I am not yet thinking far enough outside of the box. I was working on a photo yesterday, and I moved it into layers to use a ‘multiply mask’. Which, of course meant that I had to convert my nice Raw file into a PSD.
I really like your thinking on htis issue, because I could have carried on working in develop, effects, and local effects, in fact I could have done all of the editing in them. Which, would mean that more of my editing would have been non-destructive.

Thanks, for an excellent idea, and a well put together video.

Best wishes, David Price


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