I came across an article the other day, from a blog called Jonas Hellsen Photography. It made such an impact on me, and struck a chord that I wanted to share it. See, he touches on the topic of getting it right in camera and poses the thought that retouching is actually part of photography and, in a way, always has been.

For me, I’ve always kinda thought this: In this digital age, with all of the tools we have both before and after capture, I don’t care where you get it right? All that matters to me, is that you get it right. Whether it’s right in camera or whether it’s right in Photoshop (or any post-processing) does it really matter? As long as it’s right, isn’t that what counts?

So, as you’re surfing around this weekend, I think his article is definitely worth reading.
I’m off to chaperon my son’s field trip to Disney today. Wish me luck! Tomorrow I leave for Adobe Max for the weekend, so I’ll make sure I report anything cool that happens here next week. Enjoy and have a great weekend!


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