The Great Smoky Mountain Photo Summit 2017

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For the past two years I’ve been fortunate to be a part of a truly unique photography conference – The Great Smoky Mountain Photography Summit. Originally started by the late Wilson Reynolds, and my good friend, Bill Fortney, it’s become one of my favorite events to teach at (by far). There’s just something about the close group that goes there. Everyone is together in a way most conferences don’t offer, and it’s the only event of it’s magnitude that landscape & nature photographers can get together to shoot, learn,  and have a great time.

Well, it’s coming up again in October later this year and hosted at the Tremont Lodge like usual. Interestingly enough, it’s not often I write about an event that I can’t teach at, but some scheduling conflicts made it so I can’t attend this year (and I’m really bummed). But I feel strongly enough about this event, and how it changes people and their photography, that I wanted to let you guys know that registration is now open.

If you didn’t know, it sold out quickly the past two years and generated a HUGE waiting list. In order to keep with the spirit and closeness of the attendees of the event, there’s a limited number of spots because it’s held at a lodge that has a limited number of rooms. April and her team (the ones who put the event on) want to make sure that everyone experiences the event, and all it has to offer, which is why attendance is capped. As you can imagine, when the numbers grow too large, it’s hard to keep quality and experience under control.

Anyway, I’m really bummed I can’t be there, but they’ve got a great line-up of instructors – and some new ones as well. So much so, that I don’t even hesitate to guarantee you’ll have a wonderful time if you go.

Here’s a link to my write-up on the event from 2016 and here’s a link to the one from 2015.

And if you’re interested in going, here’s a link to the website. As with the past two years, I’d expect it to sell out so make sure you jump in soon. And if you do go, please don’t taunt me with awesome photos of you having fun all week without me 😉

Have a good one!


  1. Don Tingle

    Understand your disappointment, I can’t go this year either. Maybe we can go next year, I know I”‘ll be there.

  2. Robbin

    I’m a little confused – – – you mention it is in Oct 2017 and sounds like it is sold out at this time; he confusion comes with both links in this article going to information dated Nov 1-5, 2017 (is this suppose to be 2018?).

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Was just a typo Robbin – if you go to their website you’ll see registration is open and nothing says sold out. It sold out in previous years. Thanks.

  3. Cynthia D Hollingsworth

    But the image on FB shows an 2018 date, Matt. So sorry you won’t make it!! Looking forward to my 3rd visit!

    1. Author
      Matt K

      Yes, I screwed up the year. But the links are correct and the dates are in 2017, not 2018 🙂

  4. April Love

    Matt, we will miss you so much this year but look forward to you rejoining us next year if you schedule allows! The dates for this year are November 1-5th (2017), but I like to think that you were probably just thinking of when you could join us next when you listed October 2018;). And yes, there is still space available for this year! So excited about some of the things we will be adding this year as well:).

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