Okay, I just read about this new service that’s coming out, Escaype, from some one on 500px.com so I checked out the website. Apparently it’s not fully launched yet, and I haven’t tried it out. But there’s a way to join now because there seems to be a cap on how many they’ll let in right away. And it looked really cool, so I figured I’d do a quick post.

What really caught my eye is that it’s aimed at outdoor photographers who not only want to predict weather, but predict the sky. For me, the sky is such a huge thing that I look for in my landscape photos. The sky can literally make or break a landscape shoot, so the app immediately grabbed me.

The Good

The idea of the service looks awesome to me. I can’t count how many times I’ve gone out to shoot and been skunked by blah weather. And let’s face it, weather reports suck. I don’t know about you, but they rarely help me as a photographer. And not only does it seem they’ll have some killer forecasting technology, but the networking abilities to exchange real-time weather info could be huge when you’re planning a shoot. So as soon as I saw it, I was sold… Until…

The Bad

At $39 / Month I’m not sure I’d do it. I mean that’s about $500 a year. Ouch! I guess when you factor in gas and time savings it could be worth it, but it seems that price point is going to scare people away. Not to mention it’s only launching with locations on the US west coast, so it’s not going to help me much in FL. That said, the west coast does have so many awesome locations to shoot (and I do travel there a lot), so it’s smart to start there first.

Side Note: Summer is coming here in FL and I can help you out with weather predictions if you need it. It’ll be 95 degrees, hot, crazy sticky humid, with a 50% chance of rain every day for the entire season 😉

Anyway, let me know if anyone checks out the service. If I was going out to the West Coast, I could definitely see myself paying a one-time fee to use it for 7 days, or something like that. I mean, I’d have invested money in travel, hotel, flights, car, food, etc… Another $10-20 to help secure and feel better about going out shooting could totally be worth it. So I’m hoping they’ll add a 1-time usage fee structure to it. But I’m just not sure I’d fork over the $500 a year for it.

Anyway, definitely worth checking out their website if you’re interested. Here’s the link.

Have a good one!


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